In 2007, the Leadership Team was created for both development of leadership for the organization and to give members the experience of working on the ACO board without making a full two-year commitment—basically a junior board position. ACO members who have shown interest and initiative are identified and invited by the Board of Directors to participate. Terms run from January through June and from July through December—just 6-months. Team members attend board meetings and participate in discussions. They pitch in when they see something that needs doing and that is a good fit for their interests, skills, and availability. Some Leadership Team members have gone on to take full board positions. Some take initiative for a task that they make their own and continue to take responsibility for. Some work on committees, or are just available for the occasional task when their particular expertise is a good fit. Most of our current board members started out on the Leadership Team. They’ve said things like, “This is the best run organization I’ve ever participated in,” and “I learned so much about how to get things done in a group!”

Here’s what you get as a member of the Leadership Team:

  • A chance to be part of the weekly decision making for your professional membership organization
  • A chance to develop skills that can benefit you now and in the future
  • National and international level opportunities that can benefit your career
  • A ready-made team to inspire you
  • The satisfaction of doing something worthwhile with like minded people
  • And, it’s just plain fun!

Current Leadership Team

The 2015 Fall Leadership Team

JayCarter TinaFile JennaKnight JoannSkinner
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Previous Leadership Team Members

  • 2015, Spring: Robin Nordmeyer
  • 2014, Fall: Tracey Bromley Goodwin, Robin Nordmeyer, Christopher Mulhare
  • 2014, Spring: Dana Rayburn, Dema Stout, Tracey Bromley Goodwin
  • 2013, Fall:  Jonathan Salem, Mary Smith, Dema Stout
  • 2013, Spring: Virginia Hurley, Miriam Reiss, Abigail Wurf
  • 2012, Fall: None
  • 2012, Spring: Terry Dickson
  • 2011, Fall: None
  • 2011, Spring: Kricket Harrison and Laura Rolands
  • 2010, Fall:  Susan MacIntosh, Paula Altschul, Chuck Blocher, Kricket Harrison
  • 2010, Spring: Harriet Steinberg, Paula Altschul, Susan Macintosh
  • 2009, Fall: Rudy Rodriguez, Kay Axtell, Laurie Moore Skillings, Maureen Nolan, Harriet Steinberg
  • 2009, Spring: Joyce Kubik, Nan Daley, Linda Roggli, Rudy Rodriguez
  • 2008, Fall: Tara McGillicuddy, Viv Monahan, Pat Wood, Katherine Jahnke, Robb Garrett
  • 2008, Spring: Lyn Purpura, Maureen Nolan
  • 2007, Inaugural Leadership Team: Gayla Wilson, Diane Ladd