Joyce Kubik – President

Joyce Kubik
Joyce Kubik
Email President
Joyce Kubik, B.A., CMC, earned her degrees in Psychology and Communications from Cleveland State University. She trained as an ADHD Coach through the American Coaching Association, and earned her Certified Masteries Coach certification from the International Association of Coaches. She designed the award-winning and first ADHD Coach study published in the Journal of Attention Disorders in March, 2010. She is the author of Unraveling ADHD (April 2013) and Plan For Success, a planning journal for students and adults. Prior to becoming an ADHD Coach, Joyce worked as a trainer in corporate offices and taught at a local community college. For 20 years she served on many state and district boards in Ohio for an international women’s organization. She brings her organization and time management skills and program development ideas to the ACO. She has been a member of the ACO since 2008 and has served on the board as secretary, program chair, and 2013 conference chair.
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Katherine Jahnke — Treasurer

Katherine Jahnke
Katherine Jahnke
Email Treasurer

Katherine Jahnke trained as a coach with CTI in 2007 and is currently working on her certification. She is the coordinator of two CHADD support groups – one for parents and one for adults. She is the mom of a son with ADHD and her husband has ADHD also. She lives in a college town and has had the pleasure of coaching college students and coaching parents about the realities of ADHD. Before her coaching career, Katherine working in the fundraising field for Texas A&M University and a local hospital and has also served as a Human Resources Director for several companies. Her strengths lie in communication, human resources and organization. She has a real love for people and a passion to help those who are hurting and need support.As Treasurer, Katherine is responsible for the finances of the ACO. She additionally takes on tasks as requested by the ACO Board.

My goal as the Treasurer is record keeping to the best of my ability. My goal is to have all ACO records accurate and timely. Membership will be able to stay informed on board decisions. I will try to resolve any questions or concerns in a timely manner.

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Michel Fitos & Sherri Cannon — Conference Co-Chairs

Michel Fitos
Michel Fitos

Michel Fitos is a writer, educator, and transformational coach in the Boston area, whose clients range from children to executives to highly successful entrepreneurs. Prior to becoming a coach, Michel worked in the technology field as a systems architect. He is passionately committed to technology access, and works with the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure access for users with physical and cognitive disabilities.Michel struggled with ADHD, but was diagnosed only a few years ago. Michel’s very serious about credentials and continuing education. Michel’s completed JST Training’s Coaching Children with ADHD, and completed the ADD Coach Academy’s Advanced ADHD Coach Training. As soon as possible, Michel will be taking the ICF Professional Certified Coach exam.

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As executive coach and workshop facilitator, Sherri has helped individuals and teams around the world, thrive by leveraging their strengths since 1989. Diagnosed with ADHD in 2001, Sherri is happiest helping ADHD adults uncover their unique strengths, name their dreams and make their best contribution to the world.
Sherri’s work with individuals and organizations blends the power of clear and shared goals, authenticity and candid conversation about the right topics. The result is a highly engaged work place delivering excellent business results.Before founding the company, Sherri moved rapidly through five levels of sales management with Procter & Gamble where she led the company’s second largest consumer market to record sales. Before that, she earned her BA in Journalism from Indiana University.
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Sarah D. Wright — Circle Editor & Past President

Sarah Wright
Sarah Wright
Email Editor

Sarah D. Wright, M.S., A.C.T., earned her B.S. from Stanford University, her M.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and her ADHD Coaching credential from the Optimal Functional Institute. She is a former scientist, engineer, and executive, and a founding board member of the ADHD Coaches Organization. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, co-author of the popular books, Fidget to Focus and 365 Ways to succeed with ADHD, and a founding member of the San Diego–based coaching and consulting company, Focus For Effectiveness, LLC. She applies her strong management and executive skills, combined with her broad knowledge of ADHD and coaching, to help develop and guide the ACO.

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Christopher Mulhare—Membership Chair

Christopher Mulhare
Christopher Mulhare Email Membership Chair

When i was living with an ex who has a daughter that has ADHD. The interaction between them were often times frustrating to witness. The pain and torture in listening to them have it out, was like fingernails on a chalkboard. They each were saying the same thing, but differently heard. Often times the homework issue was more than a super challenge. The “yes mom, I got it”; followed by, “I can’t find it now”. The pencil monster was regularly misplacing those blasted pencils just when you needed them most. Or the getting ready in the mornings for school days. Time was the monster. Forgetfulness seemed a common occurrence. There is a friend I have known for over 15 years. Her daughter also has ADHD. While having phone conversations with her, there is almost every time, the topic of frustration seeping through her voice. She has found coping skills and more importantly, ways to better assist her daughter in getting ready for school, or bedtime rituals, homework assignments that are due. Or closer to home, from my adopted family, one of my siblings has a son who also has ADHD. Phone conversations or yearly visits to their home was stop and start moments. Challenges to get him to do those simple household chores, also his almost overdue homework assignments. i mean they were due the next day; with weeks in advance knowledge. My sister mentioned she too has ADHD. I had always been tight with her. Throughout the younger years we always talked on the phone. There were some touchy moments in trying to clarify the varied topics. Or the sometimes going off track from where our focus had been. Recently while we were chatting over the phone, she mentioned she always felt that our Dad had ADHD. His forgetfulness from time to time. Certain projects where he was super focused.As I reflect back to my days of teaching in the NYC system. I most definitely remember several students in each of my years of teaching third grade, there were several students who had ADHD. I vividly can recall my of my former students who was always acting up or acting out in class. Each day stating he would do better. When one day after a doctor’s visit, I drastically noticed his behavior changed. The medication assisted him to focus better. He was able to get assignments completed, homework handed in on time.

Even today in my coaching practice I have a couple of clients who continually get frustrated by the daily challenges they face at work and/or at home. They are in denial about their condition. They have many of the generalized conditions of ADHD.

As Membership Services Chair, I envision strengthening the partnership between the ACO and it’s members by highlighting benefits, promoting participation and interacting with members to ensure the ACO continues to deliver the highest possible value in support of our coaching community.

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Lisa Boester – ADHD Awareness Chair

Lisa Boester
Lisa Boester
Email Awareness

Lisa is a business professional with a background in financial services, sales management, advertising and marketing.Becoming diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in adulthood has informed Lisa’s coaching wisdom as much as her professional training. Her experience as a wife, mother, highly sensitive person and career professional give her a unique perspective into the lives of her clients and their pursuit of a fulfilling life of balance and accomplishment.

Participation in a course taught by esteemed Harvard Professor John Ratey entitled “Harnessing the Psychiatric Impact of Exercise” opened Lisa’s eyes to the personal power each of us has to engage our bodies in ways that can change our brains through exercise and movement.
She uses this knowledge in her coaching. She believes in a combination of modalities for treating ADHD and coaches her clients to be open minded.
Recognizing and addressing how ADHD can erode one’s sense of power and confidence is an area requiring skill and sensitivity for the process to be successful. Lisa excels in this area.

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Terri Reinhard — Secretary

Terri Reinhard
Terri Reinhard
Email Secretary
ADDCA – ADD Coach Academy –  Basic and Advanced Training – Organization Specialist for the Chronically Disorganized Phoenix Strategies – Conflict Management Coach Training, Basic and Advanced Mediation training, Transformative Mediation Theory and Practice.
Terri has advanced professional coach training through ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy, the first ADD/ADHD coach training program to earn the Accredited Coach Training Program, ACTP, designation from the ICF, International Coach Federation, the governing body for the coaching profession. Conflict Coach Training as well as Mediation Training through Phoenix Strategies School of Collaboration, Approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Education Private Occupations School Board!

My goal as Secretary is to advance awareness of the ACO by performing my duties to the best of my ability and being involved in spreading the word of hope to the ADD community.

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Abigial Wurf — Volunteer Engagement Chair

Abigail Wurf
Abigail Wurf
Email Volunteer Chair
Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, CLC, works with people affected by ADHD or with executive function issues in a coaching or consulting capacities. She conducts workshops and speaking presentations on executive function issues such as productivity, planning, prioritizing, goal setting, time management, task initiation, emotional regulation, focus, meta-cognition, working memory, response inhibition and flexibility/shift. Abigail’s work also includes presentations on ADHD, specific executive functions or theories of executive functions, invisible disabilities, resiliency and motivation. She her training in life, ADHD, ADHD couple and creativity coaching has been with Lynn Meinke, Lisa Kramer, Dr. Jeanne Erikson, Tina Elliot, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Russell Colver, Melissa Orlov, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Sue Hallowell and Eric Maisel. In her first profession as a dancer, choreographer and teacher, she toured with a professional dance company and co-founded and ran a performing arts studio. Abigail holds a Master’s degree in Education and is currently on the ICF PCC credential path. She is Volunteer Engagement Chair on the board of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), as well as a member of CHADD, ADDA and the ICF. “As the ACO Volunteer Engagement Chair my goals are to facilitate participation of members in building the ACO and moving it forward and to insure they have a positive experience in their volunteer work.”
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Dr. Tamara Rosier — Research Committee Chair

Abigail Wurf
Tamara Rosier
Email Research Chair

Dr. Tamara Rosier has been a college administrator, a professor, a leadership consultant, a high school teacher, and a national public speaker. As a co-founder of Acorn Leadership Consulting, Tamara has successfully worked with numerous companies, churches and nonprofit organizations to develop stronger teams, create strategic plans, and facilitate leadership and organizational development. She coaches individuals as they enhance interpersonal effectiveness, increase social intelligence, capitalize strengths, and bridge performance gaps. She received her Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning and Leadership.Her specialty areas is coaching adults and adolescents with ADD/ADHD. She facilitates her clients success as they understand and apply your personal strength, develop time management skills, create structures, systems, and tools to stay on track, and their improve school/work performance. Her expertise, attentiveness, sense of humor and practical approach help her clients make positive changes in their lives.

The Research Committee regularly presents summaries of relevant studies to the ACO community in order to both provide members with the latest ADHD and coaching research. The Research Committee continues to support the ADHD coaching community by fostering additional research on the efficacy of ADHD coaching. In addition, this committee looks for opportunities to collaborate with other groups, research facilities, and funding sources.

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Lee Rozycki – Marketing and PR

Lee Rozycki
Lee Rozycki
Email Marketing
I’m a Jersey girl and I’m married to a Jersey guy named Jesse. We have one daughter, Elena, who is 20 years old and two cats, Squeaks and Little Boy. Apart from a two year period of living in Spain, I’ve been actively involved in our community for the last 23 years. I’ve been PTA President and am currently an elected member of our town’s School Board. I’ve been involved in local politics and have been part of a citizen’s action group that has successfully placed 3 out 4 candidates into elected office in the last three years. I’ve recently been appointed to our county’s Mental Health Board which I gain great insight to the various mental health programs managed by various state agencies or non-profit organizations. I’ve worked as an educational support professional in the special education department for a school district for 12 years and am currently a part-time 1-to-1 aide for a 5th grade student in a public school district.It was through our family struggles with ADHD that I pursued ADHD coach training and graduated from ADD Coach Academy in 2012, and since then, I’ve been striving to build my coaching practice. It’s so ironic that the words my parents said to me time and time again as I was grew up resonate more for me now than ever before. “Just be yourself.” How true that is being a coach and a member of a great team such as the ACO Board. This Jersey girl is ready to rock and roll with my fellow board members to bring the ACO vision forward into our 10th Anniversary Year!
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Robin Nordmeyer – Programs

Robin Nordmeyer
Robin Nordmeyer
Email Programs
Robin Nordmeyer has over twenty years of experience helping herself and others with the challenges of ADHD. Robin is passionate about personal and professional development. She loves working with adults, parents and children. Her goal is to help them focus on their strengths and what is right in their life, to understand their own AD/HD, and learn their own unique ways for managing what gets in their way of moving forward to experience more joy, success and a greater quality of life. She has worked with others around their careers, their education, their sense of self, and their family life. She loves working with coaches and has co-developed an annual business intensive program to help other coaches launch and build a sustaining practice.

Robin completed her Life Coach Training through Adler Graduate School and ADHD Coach Training courses through Mentor Coach, JST Coaching and Coach Approach for Organizers. She has conducted numerous trainings as a Certified Parent to Parent Trainer for CHADD since 2008. She is in her fourth year of actively coaching, and currently pursuing her ICF and PAAC credentials. Robin has served as Programs Chair for two consecutive terms with her ICF Minnesota Chapter. With Katherine Jahnke, she Co-Chaired the 2014 ACO Conference. She served as Special Events Chair for two consecutive years for the ICF Midwest Regional Conference. As Programs Chair for ACO, Robin’s goal is to draw on her past experience to implement new opportunities for ACO members to receive ongoing training, continuing education and support for both new and experienced coaches.

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