Preparing Your Client For A Successful ADHD Coaching Experience Through Education

Instructor: Joyce Kubik

The goal of this class is to teach coaches how to raise personal awareness of the long-term affect ADHD has had on every aspect of a live, while simultaneously building a strong foundation that carries throughout the coaching process.

This is the fourth offering of this very successful class!
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On this page, you’ll find a course overview, outline and information about the materials included in this class.

6 weeks 2 hours each meeting
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  • To create a common ground for all coaches to begin with when working with the ADHD client
  • To place the coach through a mock version of the actual class while learning how to implement the process

How does this workshop differ from other ADHD Coaching workshops?

This workshop duplicates the ADHD coaching method that has changed the lives of so many. It is the same approach and method used in the successful groundbreaking study The Efficacy of ADHD Coaching for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder by Joyce Kubik, ADHD Coach and ACO member.


  • 1 7×10 coil bound planner “Plan For Success” by Joyce Kubik that becomes the workbook for the class.
  • Upon completion of the program and a written review of the course, clients will receive a CD of Plan For Success to be used with your clients.
  • Worksheets pertinent to each session
  • 1 copy of the rating Kubik’s ADHD Outcome Rating Scale (sold for $225)
  • Miscellaneous articles and information

Workshop overview

The overall goal of the workshop is for each attendee to build a strong self-awareness of how ADHD affects their client personally while simultaneously learning to implement strategies and structures into daily life.

There are six consecutive 2-hour sessions and one follow-up session.

Attendees will be asked to put aside personal planners except work-related schedulers just as clients will be asked to do. The planning journal is used for notes, project planning skills, and provides a hands-on experience of the skills they will be teaching. Attendees will share their thoughts and observations each week. This allows attendees time to interact and share successes or difficulties.

Workshop sessions

Session 1: The primary objective of the first session is to begin educating attendees on the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional outcomes that evolved over a lifetime of living with ADHD. Prior to starting the coaching process, they will take the Kubik ADHD Outcome Rating Scale just as their clients would. As this is a Teleclass, any overheads or narrations used will be drawn by the attendee. Attendees will be asked to do the same observations and skills/strategy building as their clients will.

Session 2: The second session focuses on anxiety, communication, and perception. Attendees will learn how to encourage consistency when using a planner, by experience the daily check-ins by telephone or email.

Session 3: The third session focuses on their interactions at home and in the work environment, as well as continued efforts to work on management of time. A discussion on the connection between ADHD and the use of blame, excuses, or defensive behavior as well as observations of the same with possible strategies.

Session 4 & 5: The fourth and fifth session focuses on planning steps of long-term projects, and utilizing planning skills effectively to assure completion. Attendees will learn to simplify organization of paper in their environment. Attendees will plan projects in their planning journals— just as their clients will, and report the status of their projects in our weekly check-ins.

Session 6: The sixth session focused on positive ways to be assertive using role-playing methods that develop appropriate responses to difficult situations. A review of the skills needed for personal discipline.Students will also learn to conduct a follow-up session one month after the sixth session to discuss their client’s progress and any need for further direction.

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