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Vol. 6, Issue 2 - February    2011

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President's Letter - Guest columnist
It Takes Courage to Build Your Business

Create intention for a conference take away

Replace Attention with Gratitude
To cultivate gratitude, we need to develop a new habit of attention to notice the concrete ways in which the world supports us each day. Read more here.

Peek at PreConference Sessions
It's not enough to hold a pre-conference and a conference. Attend the pre-pre-conference information session.

Conference to Build a Strong Business
Does your passion for coaching need a growth spurt? Read here for the organic truth.

Conference Supports Growth of Courage
Presenters, Volunteers, Attendees Galore! There's plenty of courage in a group this large. Read about the ACO 2011 Conference, 'Coaches Called to Courage.

ACO Conference Opportunities
Take advantage of sponsorships and advertising.

Next ACCE Class
Setting The Stage For Client Success:
A Practical Model Of Executive Function

Mark your calendar for a 1-hour sample call on March 7 at 7 pm eastern. Read here about a program you can use to help.

NYTimes and PBS Profile ADD Coaching through ADHD Awareness
At ACO we don't get mad, we get coached! Read here about ADHD on the air.

ADHD and Its Link to Obesity and Eating Disorders
Expert Speaker's Series Dr. Pat Quinn enlarges the link between ADHD and eating. Read about here.

Members in the News - Empowering Writing is Published
ACO member is published. Read all about it here.

Members stuff

Think you might be missing something? Oh, you are! Join the ACO now. Take advantage of these great opportunities to learn from the best teachers: a benefit to yourself and your clients. Join the ACO.

Expert Speakers Series:  ACO member benefit 3rd Tuesday of the month
Spend an hour with an expert Monthly teleconferences with experts speaking on topics ranging from organization through human technology interface. Sound interesting?
You'll need to log in to get the call-in info and topics for all ESS teleclasses.

Upcoming ESS Calls
ADHD and Its Link to Obesity and Eating Disorders
Dr. Patricia Quinn: April 19
Peek at PreConference Sessions
Linda Roggli, Dan Pruitt and Chuck Blocher: March 15

New ESS recordings available:
Happier Relationships with Ari Tuckman

One Coach Makes a Difference
Ken Zaretzky

1951-2011: ADHD Coach, Founding member of the ACO and Drummer

Coaching is Like...
Are you in the need for a metaphor for coaching? Here's one to drive home the point.

ACO is Chatting:
Transitions Require Timely Shifting

Read here about what coaches shared on transition coaching tips.

I Like the ACO
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New Members in January
It's great to start a year with so many new and renewing members. See who you ought to know here.

ACO as Learning Organization Leader
Board Notes
What are you leading? ACO promotes learning leadership.

Official ACO Email Addresses
Who's in Charge? Can't remember the name? Read here to find the email naming system.

Have You Read a Good Blog Lately?
Do you have a blog that's not listed on the ACO site, please use the contact form and share the address.

Are you a coach in the news?
Has there been a print article about you somewhere? Were you on the TV or radio?
Are you speaking someplace? Let the rest of us know.Send us the info here.

Advertise in Circle
Members, put your service, training or product in front of a highly targeted readership.
Each month we will have not more than 3 ads. And reservations can be made 3 months at a time. Circle is emailed monthly (at the end of the month) to about 600 ADHD Coaches and other interested professionals.
Get more info here

Are you offering training for coaches?
Use the form here to get it listed on our training calendar here.

The general and usual information:

Things to Watch For

Membership renewals due now
Hurry or you may have to join anew! Read more here

ACO 2011 Conference
Coaches Called to Courage
Register Now
Space is limited.

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