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Vol. 8, Issue 2-February 2013

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Message From The President
I’m excited. The 6th annual international conference of the ADHD Coaches Organization is coming up quickly. I’m looking forward to Atlanta in the spring, to all the great presentations and new information I will come away with, and to spending time with so many inspiring and inspired people.

I’m also excited as I look back and enjoy how far we’ve come. I remember vividly the very first board meeting of the ADHD Coaches Organization on December 21, 2005 with Ken Zaretzky, Glen Hogard, Cathy Jantzen, Jan DeLaura, Laurie Dupar, Kerch McConlogue, and myself. I remember the membership drive we held at the ADDA conference in Orlando less than 5 months later that put our membership over 100. I remember sitting in the restaurant on the last morning, talking with Laurie Dupar and some others about how we really should have our own conference the following year. And now here we are, looking forward to our 6th annual international ADHD Coaches conference. Read more here.

Destabilizing the Bullying Power Structure
At last year's conference, the theme was that undiagnosed ADHD is a social injustice. Bullying is only one aspect of social injustice mentioned. I have checked off on my Bullet List experiencing many social injustices in my family and life. I am an adult diagnosed late with ADHD. Starting early on I experienced bullying, divorce, academic challenges, physical attacks, emotional attacks, addiction in my family, unplanned pregnancies in my family, and with each challenge we all reacted with great surprise and feigned and real hurt. We accepted that these were life's plagues. We sucked it up and offered our sorrows to God's grace...

Gratefully, I offer here an article about bullying with a solution to undermine the status quo. Read on: Click here.

Welcome New Members From Across the Globe
New members of the ACO are listed here to acknowledge our growing community of ADHD coaches and supporters. Please take a moment and find one person to personally welcome. We’re a friendly bunch – come to the 6th Annual International ADHD Coaches Conference and make new friends. All the following profiles should be listed in membership – and if your profile is not completely filled out, take this opportunity to login and complete yours. This is a membership privilege and it’s how clients find us! Read more here.

ACO Coaches Rich Resource for News Industry
Due to the new Journal on Pediatrics report on ADHD across the lifetime, our ACO coaches were a rich resource for the news industry. In fact, at least two ACO coaches were interviewed about ADHD.The Elaine Taylor-Kraus family was profiled for an Atlanta affiliate of CBS. While cooking dinner, Elaine and her children Skyped with dad David and all four talked about life with ADHD. Talk about a modern family! Read more here.

How can an executive coaching survey benefit ADHD coaches?
While you may not specifically call yourself an executive coach, many of you work with executives. So the 8th Annual Executive Coaching Survey by Sherpa Coaching has some interesting results on the field and includes results from 53 countries.

It would seem to make sense to pay attention to what these coaches are doing and saying while building your own business. Read more of this article here.

A Glance at ADHD Community and Collaboration
As college readiness concerns, and completion and retention rates are examined more and more closely, best practices such as targeted coaching interventions that address specific needs are essential for positive impact. College readiness is a challenge and one in which synergistic collaboration can make a difference. The connection between an ADHD coach and the Disability Support Services Office at any college is a means to better prepare college students with ADHD or executive functioning concerns. Read more of Jody Haserodt's article here.

March PAAC Competency Calls
The Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) is hosting monthly seminars on their competencies. The next one will be on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 11:00 Eastern Time. The topic will be Creating a Respectful, Collaborative Partnership, led by Barbara Luther, MCC and PAAC president and co-founder. Read more here.

ADHD in the News - Yes, It's Real!
Katharine JahnkeOkay, I am being funny. When I heard CBS was going to do a segment on ADHD, I prepared for the onslaught of alarmist news like how ADHD was a manufactured disorder by the pharmaceutical industry. What a surprise I was in for and kudos to Dr. Barbaresi of Boston Children's Hospital for his straight up report.The CBS morning show profiled a story called "ADHD Grows Up - Study shows disorder has serious impact on adults". Read more here.

ADHD Community Practice Calls.
Join fellow ADHD coaches in professional discussions every month. The ICF ADHD Community of Practice meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3:00 pm Eastern Time. It is co-sponsored by ICF and the ACO and is open to all ACO members, whether an ICF member or not. You can join the call by dialing 805-399-1000 with access code 997934#. If you have any problem getting on the line, call 877-482-5838 for technical support. For more information, or to arrange for CCEUs, contact Chana Klein, ICF ADHD Community Practice Leader, at Chana@KleinCoaching.com.


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