Connections 2014

7th Annual International ADHD Coaches Conference

Partnering in Pursuit of Excellence

A Conference You Won’t Want To Miss!

Phoenix Airport Marriott

1101 North 44th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008

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May 2-4, 2014 (Pre-conference May 1, 2014) is the time to join fellow ADHD Coaches for another exciting and innovative learning experience.


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Conference Overview

These are exciting times with respect to the impact of coaching for ADHD and multimodal treatment plans that support and sustain those who live with their ADHD day in and day out.   Our mission for the 7th Annual International ACO Conference is to create an environment which delivers opportunities for exploring, learning, and partnering with  ADHD Coaching and  Professionals supporting the ADHD Community.   Our programming for the conference includes two pre-conference sessions, 28 breakout sessions, two keynote addresses, Mastermind Sessions and more.   This year our hopes are to leverage the diversity of our attendees and foster a “reach back and pull forward mentality” as we support one another in our journey, knowing together there is no limit to the impact of the ADHD Community.   Whether you are new to coaching, are an experienced coach, or are a professional who supports ADHD clients, this conference has something of value for you!

In accordance with the ACO vision and values, this conference will provide:
●     Create opportunities for ADHD Coaching professionals to connect, network, and establish new relationships within our community.
●     Contribute to the professional development and high standards of excellence and ethics within the profession of ADHD coaching for our members.
●     Increase the presence and recognition for ADHD Coaches in the community and among partnering professionals.
●     Enhance levels of awareness, education, and advocacy for those living with ADHD and within the general public.

In pursuit of excellence, the educational programming for our conference will focus on four areas:
●       Our understanding of ADHD to represent a solid foundation of knowledge, awareness of what is new and upcoming, as well as how to ethically and effectively deliver education and support to our clients at their respective ages and stages.
●     Our practice of coaching with respect to sharing and re-applying best practices and real world coaching tools and approaches as agents for change with ADHD individuals and groups.
●     Our abilities for creating and sustaining a viable coaching business with best practices for marketing and sales, leveraging technology, business planning, branding, coaching agreements, personal development, creating content and more.
●     Our professional partnerships and alliances to support the ADHD community, with special emphasis on working together as teams to coordinate the care of clients, to grow our business, to positively impact others live with their ADHD.

We hope to see you in Phoenix in 2014!

Robin Nordmeyer and Katherine Jahnke
Co-Chairs, ACO Conference 2014


May 2-4, 2014
Pre-conference May 1, 2014

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