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ADHD coaches know that being an adult with ADHD is
more than just being late and losing your keys.

It’s also having a brain that sometimes blinks.

So you miss important instructions like exactly when that report is due
or when you’re supposed to pick up the kids.

It’s not noticing the social cues saying, “Stop talking now.” or “That’s not appropriate.”

It’s living to excess and making choices that you know you’ll regret later.

It’s not being able to see the right order of the day. And not being able to set priories that will help you through it.

It’s knowing that you’re being judged for the messiest office or because you just can’t do small talk.

Or worse, it’s knowing that people just don’t want to depend on you.

These are the kinds of obstacles that coaches help clients with every day.

Coaching is not about someone else telling you what to do or what will work.
It’s about someone asking you what you think will work in your situation.
A coach will help you flesh out new perspectives.
A coach will help you get the most from your own best ideas.

So if you’re ready to take control of your life…

Whether you have a diagnosis or not
or if you only have a few characteristics of ADHD,
working with a coach who understands those challenges can be a real advantage.

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