Why a Coach

October 6, 2008

by Laurie Dupar

There are as many reasons to work with an ADHD coach as there are persons living with the disorder.

In addition to basic coaching skills, professional ADHD Coaches are trained to provide their clients with structures, tools and strategies that will help them better manage the challenges they have living with ADHD.

Coaching is a relatively new profession, having grown out of the mentoring and consulting models. ADHD Coaching is a specialty area of coaching in which coaches share a passion for advancing the understanding of ADHD in their client’s lives and in the community at large.

An ADHD coach helps you identify what changes you would like to make in your life, supports you in aligning your thoughts and actions accordingly, all the while holding you accountable for your goals.   When you desire something to be different in your personal or professional life and are willing to learn, grow and take action, a coach can support you in making those lasting changes.  Because you have a partner–your coach who helps you focus–your efforts produce greater results and more quickly then you have on your own.

An ADHD Coach is an expert at creating structure out of chaos, simplifying client’s lives with organizational and time management tools, demystifying ADHD in their clients’ lives and champions at recognizing their clients’ strength and possibility.

Over the years, I have found that there is something more that happens in my clients’ lives that goes beyond structure, organization and planning.  Coaching changes the lives of my clients in ways even I could not foresee. The people who have taken the opportunity to work with an ADHD coach answer best the question, “Why a coach?” The following are three clients’ experiences with coaching:

Tina, a 43-year-old mother with ADD writes:

I cannot express adequately what a positive influence coaching has had on my marriage, on me as a parent, on me as a wife, and on me as a human being.  I will be eternally grateful for the times I had to share my past, my present, my hopes, my dreams, my fears and all else that my coach does for me.  I thought it was about organizing…it really was about me living my life!

John, a 45-year-old corporate VP of a Fortune 500 company writes:

A coach has a unique ability to bridge goal setting with the very real challenges of ADHD.  Even in my forties, coaching has helped me to appreciate the positive characteristics of having ADHD and to minimize the challenges.  Coaching has been the difference in my life and my career.

Finally, Trinity, a 22 year old college student writes:

Thank you for the blessing of having worked with you and knowing your insight, wisdom, and enthusiastic support are always available to me. Sometimes just knowing that is enough to help me remember what I am capable of.

Working with an ADHD coach changes peoples’ lives.  Let them support you in changing yours

Laurie Dupar

About the author:

Laurie Dupar, MSN, RN, CPCC, ACC, is an AD/HD Coach and Educator in Granite Bay, CA. You can contact her by phone at (916) 791-1799 or on the web at www.changeoffocus.com

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beverly April 3, 2012 at 1:31 pm

hi my name is bev, i have 3 children with ADHD, only 2 are being treated at this time. one of them has aspergers and pervasive dev. disorder with ADHD, and the other is bypoilor with ADHD and thyriod problems. both of them are on vyvanse. my oldest kid lives free of medication. with my middle son, vyvanse gave his life back to him, he didn’t like to go to school through out his younger years and i was always threaten by the schools that they would take action. as of early highschool he started on vyvanse and started living in this world of educatutonal resposibilitys even tho he still fills he can not optain his learning experence, he feels more confert in school thehe use too. he is in his 2 year of college with ADHD, aspergers, and PDD. and he hids from education but is in phyical classes (welding, auto) ask him a question about it and he can’t explain or do it but being with his class mate and teacher he’s normal. i would like to push him some this next sememster for his education but i need help with plans and how to do it he doesn’t like to hear from me he thinks im just to scaterd i dont have any money SSI has never wanted to help my son as i have tryed son meny times, just cant get the right thing on paper of them to see how hard this is for him and me, as i know i am ADHD too. do you have any ADVICE or can you help us we are in Lk. Arrowhead, ca thank you for your time Beverly

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