UPDATE (October 2014): The IAAC has been formally dissolved as an organization. For information on ADHD Coach Certification, click here.

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

As this year comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on what has been accomplished at the IAAC in 2008.

Grandfathering phase of certification completed

The IAAC completed the grandfathering phase in February, 2008 . Sixty-five ADHD Coaches were credentialed as Senior Certified ADHD Coaches (SCAC). Each candidate applying for this level was required to be an active ADHD coach, have a minimum of five years experience, with at least 1500 hours of coaching clients with ADHD related issues. This was a significant undertaking and required extensive time and energy to successfully complete the process.

New certification levels set to launch

The volunteers worked tirelessly to develop the criteria and requirements for three new certification levels. Confidential systems and processes have been established to manage the applications process. Assessment tools and measures are set up to fairly evaluate coaching skill and expertise in the use of the IAAC Competencies.

The goal has always been to provide a high quality product; that process takes time. We do not want to rush to market something that does not meet the expectations of our members and the ADHD coaching community.

Unfortunately while the progress has been at a somewhat slower pace than originally anticipated, IAAC anticipates launching the new ADHD Coach credentialing process around the first quarter of 2009.

Membership feedback survey

In order to continually improve member services a survey was conducted in October requesting feedback in key areas. One issue that was named over and over is the IAAC website. Therefore, a website revision plan was initiated with the goal to develop a site that is more user friendly and a more viable resource tool for all members. This important work will continue into 2009 and will be completed in time to support the credentialing launch.

Looking forward

Becoming an IAAC credentialed coach in 2009 should increase your professional standing in the community and prepare you to be better positioned for the future. Clients, professionals and businesses are beginning to request credentialed coaches. The entire coaching industry is gaining momentum and our goal is to support you.

Your support of, and membership in, the IAAC is greatly appreciated. We look forward to a dynamic and productive 2009!

Dee Crane, SCAC, ACC
President IAAC

For more information about the IAAC, check the website