The ACO is the professional membership organization for ADHD coaches.

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The ACO is for ADHD coaches, by ADHD coaches, and about ADHD coaching. It is the place to meet up with your fellow coaches, talk shop, build your coaching and business skills, and help raise the bar of excellence in professional ADHD Coaching.

What are the benefits?

  • Reminders about the monthly RoundTable calls to discuss topics of interest to ADHD coaches,
  • Special information and reminders about the monthly members-only Expert Speaker’s Series presentations,
  • Membership in the ACO’s members-only list serve,
  • Subscription to Circle, the ACO’s monthly newsletter,
  • Access to the ACO’s online archives of teleclasses and forms “toolbox” especially for ADHD coaches,
  • Discounts on the ACO’s ADHD Coach Continuing Education (ACCE) courses, and
  • Discounts on registration for the ACO’s annual international ADHD coaching conference.


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Who can join?

The ACO offers both Professional and Associate memberships. If you’re not sure which you are, find out here.

  • Professional membership is for trained ADHD coaches. Annual dues are $120.
  • Associate membership is offered to anyone who works with people who have ADHD: physicians, therapists, social workers,  psychologists,  professional organizers and others. Annual dues are $60.

Special Offer

Join now and you will also get:

  • the option to enroll early in the ACCE course being planned for January, including Joyce Kubik’s popular course on Framing the ADHD Experience Before One-On-One Coaching Begins.
  • And, we’ll send you the recording of Vivica Monahan’s October Expert Speaker Series talk,  Self-Care in the Midst of Chaos.  Generally, Expert Speaker talks are open to  members only. But we want to give you a taste of the benefit.

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