Are You PAAC Prepared?

What do the credentialing bodies consider to be competencies in ADD Coaching? Read here to link to PAAC's newly posted competencies

A Surprising ADD Coach Deficit?

To my surprise coaches don't need a college degree. Does that surprise you, too? I've been coaching for five years and only just found this out. Read my thoughts on the growth of a professional community and share your thoughts in a reflective dialogue whose time has come back around.

Do You Hear the Call to ACO Conference 2011?

It's all about being seen to be a professional ADD Coach how else can we serve our clients? You may not be a rock star, but you can be entertained beyond your wildest dreams at the 2011 Conference. Read more here and be called to Chicago, May, 2011.

Board Report: October 2010

The Board meets weekly for an hour to review, revise and refresh the ACO policies, programs, benefits, conferences and so much more. If you're not on the Board already, read here to update yourself and be inspired about why you belong

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