ACO Conference 2011-Coaches Called to Courage!

April 29-May 1 – Chicago, Ill

The 2011 ACO Conference theme, ‘Coaches Called to Courage’ attracted many excellent proposals, among which the selection team made their choices. There is a new track this year called Positive Psychology and Spirituality which drew several very esteemed presenters to submit proposals. We also have presenters in the tracks of Neuroscience, Advanced Coach Training, Business Building and Building Strong Alliances. It was a very hard selection to make but the roster of topics and speakers will challenge and inspire us to greater coaching awareness, competency and commitment.

The 2011 Conference committee is excited to announce that:

  • There is a Friday morning pre-conference session in addition to the two afternoon sessions.

We will welcome two speakers from outside North America:

  • Andrew Lewis is a well-respected ADHD Coach in England shares a ‘New Positive Working Model of ADHD’ with us;
  • Maya Echegaray, vice president of the ADHD Peruvian Association (APDA) comes to us from Peru with her moving and inspiring story, Passion to Action. It is the story of how ADHD coaches and coaching are having a huge impact in a culture that has not historically embraced the concept of ADHD. Maya’s presentation will reignite our passion and determination for our vital coaching work.

Mindful Keynote Presenter

The ACO conference keynote speaker Gregg Krech, Executive Director of the ToDo Insitute will speak to us from his wisdom and experience in Japanese Psychology about alternative approaches to mental wellness based on values such as mindfulness, purposeful living, gratitude and responsible action. Use of these ancient methods have a calming, resonant appeal to our coaching work with people who have ADHD and related conditions.

Many of your favorite speakers are back with powerful presentations. Our conference team is thrilled to bring these wonderful people to you. You can see a list of all the speakers and their bios here and a summary of their talks here.

Viv Monahan, Chair, Speaker Selection Committee & Conference Co-Chair
Susan Macintosh, Conference Co-Chair