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The Expert Speaker Series is a member benefit of the ACO. But this month we want everyone to have the opportunity to hear about the PreConference sessions.  So…

If you aren’t sure about whether to sign up for preconference sessions at this year’s conference, spend an hour with the speakers. See what they’re like and get some more information on what they’ll offer at the conference.

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Dan Pruitt and Chuck Blocher: In Coaching Unique Brain Styles: ADHD & Co-existing Disorders, Co-existing Conditions, and Behaviors learn about the common co-morbid disorders, coexisting conditions and problematic behaviors that ADHD coaches encounter in coaching.

Details of this event: March 15, 2011

Daniel G. Pruitt, Jr., CPCC PCC SCAC has worked for ten years as a professional coach at Parkaire Consultants, a neurological clinic that serves infants through adults.

Chuck Blocher, Ph.D., ACC, CPCC, PACG, has coached individuals with unique brain neurology since 2005.

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