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“TotallyADD and Loving It” is coming to the Conference in Chicago in April.

And we are delighted that they have been able to find a time in their hectic schedule to join us. And we are thrilled and bursting with excitement to be able to offer this opportunity to you!

Ava Green, wife of comedian Rick Green, will be bringing their new documentary and the story behind how it was created. And what a story of courage it is! We know that you will be both impressed and humbled.

Not only is TotallyADD a juggernaut of success in promoting positive and practical ADHD education with fabulous humor, human stories, and good corporate ethics to hundreds of thousands of people, but they strongly support ADHD coaching!

If you don’t know them, please take a peek at their YouTube site for a fast insight into how they portray their messages.

We really hope that you can join us, meet Ava and be part of the fun!

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, do it now.

Don’t wait any longer. We only have 100 places available. It would be such a shame to miss out.

If you’ve already registered for the conference but not for any of the Friday PreConference sessions, you don’t have to go thru all that registration stuff again.

You’ll find descriptions of the PreConference sessions and links to register and pay for each session here.

We would also like to warmly thank Candace Taylor for helping this to
happen…thanks Candace!