Conference Shows that ADHD Coaching Mavericks have Myriad of Choices

A letter from Jonathan Salem

Dear Judith and Ose,

Wow! What do I say? Where do I begin? It was such a pleasure meeting both of you. I feel a debt of gratitude.

I just want to let you both know that the ACO conference in Atlanta was the greatest conference. I wasn’t even sure if I should go, or whether I would go, nor if I could go! Financially, logistically, temporally, it was a challenge. After all I have ADHD! But fortunately I was able to attend, and I chose to attend, thanks to the welcoming attitude I received from you when I made inquiries with all my uncertainty plain to see.

I attended and now I can say with relative certainty that attending the conference moved the earth for me! I swear on a stack of freshly minted ADHD books, that the normal orbit of the earth changed imperceptibly for the universe, but indelibly for me, as a result of attending this conference. It is as though an asteroid filled with ADHD brain waves, the size of our moon, came so close to the earth that it altered the gravity of the situation on earth forever. Few conferences can claim that! This ACO conference had that big of an impact!

The ACO conference 2012 reversed the healthy dose of skepticism about ADHD Coaching which I had carefully and secretly tucked into my cerebral cortex for safe keeping. To the contrary, the conference

  • gave me a sense of pride about the coaching path I am choosing.
  • It helped me solidify my confidence about the uncertain path of becoming an ADHD Coach.
  • It allowed me to see the level of professionalism and caring in ADHD Coaching.
  • It opened my eyes to the possibilities.

As I met so many wonderful, educated, intelligent, successful, passionate, people, I found them to be dedicated to the field of ADHD and many of them had quite a positive and beneficial impact on me.

  • They gave me hope about ADHD coaching,
  • they inspired me to do more,
  • they showed me myriads of possible avenues where ADHD coaching could have an impact,
  • they showed me dedicated people who are doing things with ADHD clients that were previously unimaginable and unattainable just a few years go.

These are mavericks, people who change the world, a little at a time, and it adds up when you look at them all together. I just want to say thank you to both of you, for giving me such an enlightening and positive experience that will always have an impact on my life and my journey, as a person, and as an ADHD Coach!

Thank you so much!!!

All the best,
Jonathan Salem
Jonathan Salem
Jonathan Salem, M.S. is currently a coaching student at ADDCA, on track to complete the Advanced ADDCA training in February, 2013. He was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.
Jon is also a recent survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). After pursuing a plethora of cutting edge treatment protocols, he has regained full cognitive function, and is looking forward to using his personal experience, knowledge, and training to help people with ADHD and possibly people with TBI as well.
Call or text Jon at: 813-781-4386, and email