We are off to a great start with ACO’s 2014 Conference!

Keynotes:  We are honored to bring you Dr. Raun Melmed for our opening keynote.  Dr. Melmed is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and Medical Director of the Melmed Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The Melmed Center offers a multimodal treatment approach to ADHD, Autism, and other co-occurring conditions which complicates the presentation and impact on the individuals and families.   This includes applying real world solutions to the day to day challenges that these individuals face using methods that are effective, affordable and sustaining.  In their practice model, they use a Mandala approach to diagnosis and treatment ensuring a comprehensive look at the many facets of the problems.   Together with coaches, doctors, dieticians, therapists, and others, they strive to positively impact the lives of those with ADHD.  Dr. Melmed will speak to the need for like-mided partners who are educated in the science and the neuropsychological underpinnings that underlie ADHD, who are capable of reaching out to one another in the pursuit of excellence and who will collaborate together in optimizing the outcomes of individuals with ADHD.

Our very own Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, CPCC, will present at the Friday Keynote.   Laurie Dupar is a trained psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who has specialized in ADHD coaching for the past 10 years.  Since 2006 when she and a handful of ADHD Coaches founded the ADHD Coaches Organization, Laurie has continued to advance the profession of ADHD coaching through her work, volunteering and more recently mentoring and teaching emerging ADHD coaches.  Laurie’s 30 year background as a mental health expert has included work in the non-profit, medical, therapeutic, academic and incarcerated settings giving her a unique perspective as to the scope and impact of ADHD and how to successfully collaborate with a variety of ADHD professionals and interest groups. Laurie’s “better together” approach has made its own unique impact on the ADHD community with The ADHD Awareness Book Project, the #1 bestseller ADHD resource series containing bite-sized advice from ADHD specialists and professionals from around the world and as the host of the annual Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.  She is the author of the books Brain Surfing and 31 Other Awesome Qualities of ADHD and Unlock the Secrets to Your Entrepreneurial Brain Style, both available on Amazon.com.   In her typical straight-forward, entertaining and motivational style, Laurie will speak to the power of possibilities as a profession and as a community when we join together to change the ADHD world.

Breakout Speakers: As you may have seen, we have a great line up of break out presentations and speakers for you at the 2014 conference and hope to have speaker interviews recorded and posted to our site soon.   Please revisit the site for updates at http://www.adhdcoaches.org/conference-2014/schedule/ to learn more about the individual speakers and their presentations.

Mastermind Sessions: The mastermind sessions are a new offering devoted to helping others with the practice of coaching in a given niche. These sessions are geared for all coaches, from new to highly experienced, to explore, collaborate, discover and learn more through case studies and the application of real world solutions to coaching within a particular niche.  http://www.adhdcoaches.org/conference-2014/schedule/.

Preconference Sessions: Dema Stout and Joyce Kubik will be presenting on The Age of Asperger’s Syndrome: Developing Competence with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Alan Graham and Barbara Luther will be presenting on Do the Right Thing! Addressing The Unique Ethical Dilemmas For an ADHD Coach. You will need to register and pay for preconference sessions separately by visiting the schedule page at http://www.adhdcoaches.org/conference-2014/schedule/ and clicking the “pay here” link for the presentations you wish to attend. Register for both preconference sessions and receive $25.00 off the total cost.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities: Remember that you will have the opportunity to advertise in the Conference Program Guide. There are also opportunities for exhibitors, sponsors, and one page information flyers.  Watch for updates on advertising, exhibiting, and sponsorships by February 15th on the ACO website.

In sum, the 2014 ACO Conference is going to be an exciting, engaging and must-attend event. We have an outstanding turnout for early bird registrations and way ahead of where we were last year. We hope to see you there. Please help us spread the word with fellow ADHD Coaches to ensure they have heard about the conference and are encouraged to attend.  Remember your conference fee includes your food, with the exception of Saturday evening. We are currently more than half full with our registration.