Lee Conference Chair (2)

Greetings from the 2017 Conference Chair!  Lee Rozycki

I’m very excited to accept this position, and I look forward to working with the mighty conference team!  We have some very big shoes to fill.  Our 2016 Chairs, Kirsten Milliken and DeShawn Wert put some excellent conference planning structures in place.
I look to dive deeper into our core conference concepts of Connect, Coach and Create for what will be our 10th anniversary of the ACO sponsored conference.     I’d like to share sampling of feedback survey results. It is my hope that these suggestions will spark an interest in potential participation next year.  the following list provides ideas of what some of our colleagues are looking for to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD coaching and growing our businesses.  Here is the list of suggestions:

“What topics would you like to see for pre conference next year ?
– whole day WordPress session
– Client building, coach collaboration, Cameron to do a session.
– business help  (extended Linked In or Marketing class, Canva, Hoot Suite. new and tested tools, inventories, resources or refresher; ADHD specific      subject matter.
– Positive psychology,  dealing with schools and businesses (re modifications/accommodations,) how to work professionally when there are co-occurring disorders, transition from school to life
– More information about children
– Masterful Coaching,
– Mindfulness, Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion
– working with teenagers and school-related issues
– Coaching parents or children
– A short session for 1st time attendees? We could incorporate some of the practices that Tamara used to introduce ourselves to others. Ice breakers!
– Professional recognition of ADHD coaches.
 -Some kind of interaction that starts something ongoing to help us maintain the bonds made at the conference and connects us the rest of the year.
– Therapy vs Coaching, Coaching Children (various topics),
– Results from scientific studies about ADHD/Executive Function/Brain development/treatments
– Social networking sessions could have used extended time i.e. 2hr seminar
– Advanced career development for seasoned coaches who are looking to leverage their experience into more lucrative businesses.
– Something more in depth to offer local colleges at their orientations for incoming freshman
– Business building, sales, marketing, and social media for those who need it.  ADHD Coaching Clinique.
– ADHD Coaching Reaching the Public
– Women and adults with ADHD, working with students, parents as clients, marketing
– Best practices for specific niches
– Mindfulness workshop; helping clients deal with sleep issues
– Socializing of new adhd coaches
– Empowerment content and /or business building content
– An ADDCA seminar; a seminar to lead me through the PAAC qualifying process
– Working with teens and college students
– More focus on entrepreneurship

Would you want to know what characteristics stood out in the evaluation comments of the conference presentations?  This would be valuable information to have when developing your own presentation for next year!
Here are the majority of positive comments:

– interactive / sharing /empowering
– shared several excellent resources,
– direct applicable practices, variety of exercises,
– refreshing sense of humor!, valuable info for marketing, great examples, samples, appreciated specifics, engaging,
– Loved the humor.
– Liked the handouts
– creative format, motivational,

and the majority of comments on what can be better…

– handout – more time- sit in circle formation
– not enough time
– talk louder, handouts
– More time
– AV proficiency
– more group think, small groups, handouts,
– time for questions
– more involvement from group, more time,

As you can see, not enough time and the lack of handouts were very popular comments, This will be addressed for 2017.

I hope to have an announcement for you for September about our keynote speakers.

I hope you are enjoying your summer months!  Please do not hesitate to connect with me with your comments or suggestions at this email address:  conference@adhdcoaches.org

Here’s to your Coaching, Connecting, and Creating!

Lee Rozycki
2017 Conference Chair
10th Annual International ADHD Professionals Conference
April 27 – April 30, 2017
Reston, VA