ACO, ADDA, and CHADD—the leaders in ADHD support for individuals and families—welcome the ADHD community to the 2023 Annual International Conference on ADHD. These organizations collaborate to bring together the best minds in current research and treatment options and professionals offering best practice guidelines for their fields. #ADHD2023 will offer dynamic sessions and events featuring practical support and guidance for adults and families.

This year, we are focusing on what it means to Connect, Learn, and Thrive. It is through the connections we make along with the new skills and approaches we learn from one another that our ADHD community can thrive. At #ADHD2023, we will Connect.Learn.Thrive by gathering as adults and partners, parents of children in all stages of life, clinicians of all kinds, coaches, organizers, educators, and advocates, to inspire one another and enhance all our lives.

This conference will feed not only your mind but also your soul as you meet other like-minded individuals. We will welcome some of the most well-known speakers and authors to share their wisdom and research. You will also benefit from conversations with fellow attendees sitting next to you in sessions, during the coffee breaks, and wandering the exhibit hall.

ACO, ADDA, and CHADD are ready to welcome you to Baltimore and the largest international conference on ADHD. Baltimore is known for many things: the Inner Harbor, the Orioles and the Ravens sports teams, and luscious seafood. We hope you will find the experience enriching, inspiring, and restorative. We cannot wait to see you!


Two Conference Offerings for 2023

#ADHD2023 In-Person #ADHD2023 In-Person

Attending the in-person conference, November 30–December 2, offers more opportunities for face-to-face networking, deeper learning, and fun with your peers.

 Attending the virtual conference, December 5-6, offers more opportunities for connecting and learning on your own schedule
  • Participate in ADHD Professional Institute (API) networking events & sessions
  • Pre-conference interactive workshops
  • Attend General Conference sessions
  • Opportunities to meet speakers
  • Keynote presenters & award ceremonies
  • Visit exhibit hall for latest technology and products with meaningful conversations with vendors and influencers
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Innovative Programs
  • Targeted attendee meet-ups
  • Chapter events
  • Welcome Reception
  • Join peer-to-peer groups
  • Coach matchmaking
  • Competitions and games through the mobile app
  • Talent Show
  • Closing Conference Party
  • Morning activities—yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Bookstore
  • Print & digital program book
  •  Participate in ADHD Professional Institute (API) sessions
  • Limited streaming sessions including the keynote presentations from the in-person conference
  • On-demand viewing sessions created for the virtual audience
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Meet speakers and attend live Q&A sessions
  • Engage with attendees through the attendee directory
  • Virtual peer-to-peer groups
  • Coach matchmaking
  • Competitions and games through the virtual platform
  • Morning activities—yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Evening social events
  • Digital program book


Who Should Attend the Annual Conference?

If you are a member of one or more of the following interest groups, then you should attend.

  • Adults: Practical and science-based information for adults with ADHD
  • Coach & Professional Organizer: Skills and practical strategies for working with teens, adults, and families affected by ADHD
  • Educator/School Professional: Practical information on curriculum, instruction, and classroom management strategies to assist and support students with ADHD
  • Parents & Caregivers: Research-based information on ADHD, including treatment issues and practical strategies for managing behavior at home and at school
  • Medical: The latest research and information regarding the medical assessment and treatment of ADHD; of particular interest to psychiatrists and primary care providers, including pediatricians, general and family practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners
  • Therapists: The latest research and information regarding the assessment and treatment of ADHD; of particular interest to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, and therapists


ADHD2022 Testimonials

“The 2022 International ADHD Conference has something for everyone. There are simply no words to describe the relief and excitement of being surrounded by like-minded individuals who get it, and who have stories and wisdom to share. Whether you're a professional in the ADHD field, you have ADHD yourself, or you love someone with ADHD (or a combination)- you're guaranteed to learn and laugh and walk away a richer person. See you in Baltimore!” —Mike Legett

“The ADHD Conference was the first time I’ve ever been in public and felt fully seen and comfortable. I found a home I never knew I needed, and this experience has forever changed my life!”—Carlee Bradley

“I am so glad that I attended this conference live. I felt like I could be my authentic self because I connected with other adults with ADHD. In addition to learning how to support myself as a late-diagnosed ADHDer, but also how to support my students at school. It was a wonderful experience connecting with like-minded individuals.” —CJH