By Joyce Kubik, President ACO

We are very happy to say that after a lengthy pruning, re-organizing, design, and development process, the ACO’s new website is up and running! Some areas of the site still need work, for instance the members only section, but progress is being made and the updates should be finished soon. The ACO Board greatly appreciates your patience during this transition. If you wish to help a particular committee work on a page, please let us know. Help is always welcome.

Now we welcome your input. We hope you appreciate the option of using either menus or icons to navigate the website and find what you are looking for easily. If, as you explore the new site, you find that something doesn’t seem to work correctly, just write to our administrator at and we’ll get that taken care of.

Updating the website has been a huge effort and, in closing, I want to extend a special thanks to Terri Gantt who took time beyond her term as Membership Chair to work with the designer and developer on this task. We are fortunate to have Terri’s knowledge while working with them.