As we Spring ahead, perhaps you are drawn to purging, cleaning, tidying up, and seeking how to refresh or spruce up a bit.  This process certainly applies to our personal homes and also to our online homes as well.

Part of our goals for Membership Committee is to review membership content on our website and our communications with our members, and ideas are a buzz among our committee members of what needs purging, tidying, and “sparklizing”!

If you are going through a spring cleaning of your business website – here’s one item you need to keep or add – the ACO logo!!  As a member in good standing of the ACO – you are allowed to display the ACO logo across multiple applications.  (Read the Standards and Expectations for Members of the ACO for guidance and use of the logo.)  Show your community and public that you are proud to be part of this international association – this professional membership!  Now is a perfect time because our Marketing and Conference Committees are promoting and marketing hard to multiple audiences within the ADHD community – so let’s build the buzz together by displaying the ACO logo and talking about your participation as a member!

Here are some suggestions of where to display the logo:

  • On your website homepage, resource page, about page.
  • Your business newsletters,
  • On line and print promotions of events
  • As a footnote on your business letterhead
  • As a header or part of your signature on emails

Right click on the logo here, copy and proudly paste away!