From ESS to ACCE – Indepth Comorbid ADHD Presentation

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March 9th, Noon EST
March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6

Listen to the recording of Peggy’s ESS program here

Our latest ESS speaker, Peggy Laneri, would like to help us understand how coaches should handle ‘suspicions’ of things that are not ADHD – Anxiety, Depression, BiPolar, and Aspergers.  Peggy Laneri, a licensed Psychologist, was working closely with students with ADHD long before she even knew what coaching was.  She made the transition to ADHD Coaching in 1995, and is also the assistant director in a local college’s disability services department.

Peggy agreed to present the next ACCE (ADHD Coaches Continuing Education) program beginning March 9th as well as the January ESS program as a taste of what’s to come.  Each week she will cover a different disorder and finish with a Q & A session in the fifth week.  Each session lasts 1 hour starting at 12:00 noon EST.

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Questions:? Please email Joyce Kubik, ACO Program Chair