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ADHD Group Launches Continuing Education for Coaches

Advanced courses open to professional life coaches with ADHD clients

  • ADHD Coaches Continuing Education or ACCE (pronounced “ace”)
  • Advanced on-line continuing education for life coaches with ADHD clients
  • Six-week pilot program begins September 14, 2009
  • First topic: “Framing the ADHD Experience before One-on-One Coaching Begins” presented by renowned ADHD coach Joyce Kubik
  • ACCE program created and supported by the ADHD Coaches Organization

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Baltimore, MD (July 21, 2009) – The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) today unveiled the first online continuing education training program for professional coaches who work with ADHD clients. The program, known as ADHD Coaches Continuing Education or ACCE (pronounced “ace”), provides the opportunity for coaches to learn up-to-date information and groundbreaking skills from top experts.

The ACCE program was developed as part of the ADHD Coaches Organization’s commitment to continuing education in coaching. The program has been in development for more than a year and is part of the ACO’s mission to promote coaching excellence.

The courses, which are offered at a discounted rate for ACO members, are designed for coaches who have already completed at least 60 hours of professional coach training, according to Diane Ladd, a board member of the ACO and chair of the ACCE program.

“We see there is a real need for additional content rich training for coaches who support the ADHD population,” explains Ms. Ladd. “In addition to our own members, who are hungering for more advanced programs, we realize that professional ADHD Coaches are not the only people coaching folks with ADHD. Life Coaches, Business coaches and others in our industry are looking to us for guidance. Through the ACCE program we plan on providing all coaches with continuing education relevant to the field of ADHD Coaching.”

About the First ACCE Program

The first ACCE program kicks off September 14, 2009 with program taught by renowned ADHD coach Joyce Kubik who designed the six-week, 12-hour course specifically for ACCE. The topic is “Framing the ADHD Experience Before One-on-One Coaching Begins,” a program that will teach participants how to create a solid framework with their ADHD clients that will strengthen their client-coach relationships for more successful coaching experiences.

“This course will be interesting to any coach, but especially compelling for those interested in ADHD,” said Ms. Kubik. “I want to support coaches toward greater success with their ADHD clients and so I am offering each participant a copy of my KORS (Kubik Outcome Rating Scale) instrument at no additional cost.”

The International Coach Federation (ICF), the accrediting and credentialing body for the life coach profession, has approved the course for 12 hours of education credit towards coaching certification or recertification.

Registration for Ms. Kubik’s ACCE course is available on the ACO website at:

Introductory fees are set at $197 for ACO members and $247 for non-members. Non-members are eligible for special membership rates if they join the ACO at the time of registration. Registration ends Septmeber 7.

About the ACO

The ACO was founded in 2005 with a vision of creating community among ADHD coaches and upholding a high standard of professionalism in coaching. The group holds annual conferences and has a rich variety of online programs and other offerings for members. Membership information can be found at:

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