october_is_global_adhd_awareness_month_webOctober was a great month as our coaches around the world worked hard to spread the word that ADHD can affect anyone. The ACO Awareness Team, led by Rudy Rodriquez, provided many resources for all ACO member coaches to use, including a vetted PowerPoint presentation titled “The Many Faces of ADHD”, templates for press releases, PSAs, webinar support, and so much more.

You may think it’s all over for the year, but really it’s not too early to start thinking about ADHD Awareness Month 2014. You may want to look into booking an event space now to secure your venue.

If you’re unsure about how or what to do, the ACO’s ADHD Awareness team is always ready to help.

And, to inspire you for next year, here are some of the highlights of what your colleagues did this October.

Lisa Boester (Indiana)

  • I met with the Events Director for the Central Library in downtown Indianapolis and put together a presentation for them. This resulted in being invited to be a partner for 2014.
  • I presented my support group with a challenge for more fun during awareness month. One member volunteered to perform a song that represents a creative and neuro diverse way of being. She chose “What Did The Fox Say?” It was a lot of fun and a great way to talk about creativity and get people excited before viewing the Power Point Video put together by the ACO’s Awareness Team.

Cindy Diaz (California)

  • Presentation on ADHD at Sonoma State University for students who are working on their teaching credential.
  • Gave the ACO presentation The Many Faces of ADHD at the Santa Rosa CHADD group, where I also raffled off a copy of More Ways to Succeed with ADHD.

Roxanne Fouché (California)

  • Presentations at three of San Diego County CHADD’s support groups.

Charlotte Hjorth (Denmark)

  • Updated my ADHD Awareness Denmark webpage and the questionnaire about ADHD, which has been answered by almost 1,000 people. Posted all month long on my Awareness Denmark Facebook page. Provided a list of things that the public can do to help spread the word about ADHD Awareness. Added a calendar and had people suggest free activities available to the public to be added to the list.
  • Honored a person with the Danish ADHD Awareness Award 2013 for working on spreading knowledge, understanding and acceptance of children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and their families.
  • Open house for pedagogic horseback riding for children with ADHD.
Open house at a music school that teaches children with ADHD to play musical instruments.
  • Two showings of the documentary film ADD & Loving It?!
  • A number of speeches on adult ADHD, medication, and more.

Joyce Kubik (Ohio)

  • Showed the documentary film ADHD & Loving It?! for adult support group.
  • Did a class lecture on ADHD Coaching to university students studying psychology.
  • Showed the awareness presentation developed by ACO’s team in a class lecture.

Mavis Nyakunengwa (United Kingdom)

  • Spoke on ADHD coaching at ADHD support groups (ADHD coaching is not yet a popular concept in England).
  • Linked up with student support services at a number of universities to bring awareness for ADHD. Spoke to university student support departments on future presentations.

Rudy Rodriguez (North Carolina)

  • ADHD Awareness PowerPoint presentation at the West Asheville Library.
  • Showing of the documentary film ADD & Loving It?! at the Carolina Cinemas, the Asheville Adult ADHD Meetup Group, and the Sherrill Center on the UNCA Campus, followed by a QY&A.
  • ADHD Awareness presentation at Malaprop’s Bookstore.
  • Special ADHD Awareness Webinar & TeleSeminar “Understanding Adult ADHD”.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus (Georgia)

  • Had various guest experts at ImpactADHD including Claudia Martinez, MaryDee Sklar, Marshall Findlay, Lisa Kaplin, and Kirsten Milliken.
  • Participated in Kids Enabled Resource Fair.
  • Presented at the Georgia Chapter of NAPO.
  • Presented at the Virtual ADHD Conference.
  • Was the featured speaker at a TotallyADD Webinar.
  • Did a Medication Management Webinar with Laurie Dupar.
  • Participated in the ADHD Awareness Expo.

Xavier Van Oost (Belgium)

  • Translated the ACO presentation The Many Faces of ADHD into French and presented it twice in October.
  • Was interviewed for an article in Trends-Tendances (this Belgian journal is akin America’s Time Magazine) about ADHD Coaching in the business environment, which is the first time an article on this topic has ever been published in Belgium.
  • A second article–Hyperactivity, for Children and for Adult, And What if we should try ADHD Coaching?–was published in the Bodytalk wellness supplement of Le Vif-L’Express (akin to America’s Life magazine).

We congratulate and celebrate everyone who stepped up and spread the word during ADHD Awareness Month 2013, and throughout the year. For tools, trainings, and other information on what you can do for ADHD Awareness, visit ADHDCoaches.org/awareness (you will need your ACO member login information to access that content).