Let It Be Known

The ACO’s ADHD Awareness Committee has put together two recordings available to all ACO Coaches to

  • Put on their websites,
  • Take to CHADD meetings,
  • Use in their businesses and
  • For Awareness Week activities.

The only thing you need to do to use them is to give credit to the ACO’s Awareness Committee when you do use them.  Further information about coaching will be provided on the website soon. Here are the titles of the recent recordings:

  • “What is Coaching?” (a 3-minute recording)

  • “Coaching is About Getting Things Done” (a 15-minute recording)

Who are the recording stars we wish to thank for their work?

Robb Garrett – Our Host and President
Ari Tuckman – Psychologist
Linda Roggli – ADHD ACO Coach
Claire Boehling – Coaching Client

Let It Also Be Known