ACO Board Meeting Minutes 7/15/15

Attendees: Joyce Kubik (President), Sarah Wright (Past President), Terri Reinhard (Secretary), Katherine Jahnke (Treasurer), Tamara Rosier (Research), Robin Nordmeyer (Program Chair), Lee Rozycki (Membership), Lisa Boester (Awareness), Abigail Wurf (Volunteer engagement), DeShawn Wert (Conference), Jenna Knight (Leadership), Jay Carter (Leadership), Tina File (Leadership),Jo Ann Skinner (Leadership)
Not Attending: Katherine Jahnke, Lisa Boester

Discussion topics:
The affiliate policy has been developed and sent to the board for review, Sarah clarified the special relationship of affiliate vs. sponsorship. Affiliates must present themselves as a marketing effort offering a product or service with a financial consideration with the ACO. Sponsorships offer affiliate opportunities. Tamara asked the board to consider whether or not any unintended consequences could be identified in the policy? It was determined that circumstances could be worked out in each contract. It was suggested to send the marketing or advertisement to an overlay, at that time it can sent to the board for approval, this then becomes a timeline piece.
Joyce asked that the email and policy be filed with the ACO..


Secretarys report (Terri Reinhard)

Minutes are up to date, posting will be completed when the secretary receives new access information.
Treasurers report (Katherine Jahnke)
Renewal for the JAD have been paid.
Ribary is paid.
Maryland tax filing is pending.
Revenue increase is showing due to CC-ACO designation enrollment.

Conference Committee (2016) (DeShawn Wert)
The new logo was given a round of approval. Discussion of how that logo was developed revealed its reflection of the theme for the 2016 conference.

Research Committee (Tamara Rosier)
Exploration into the Repository continues. Development of a class on reading and using research is being worked on.

Membership Committee (Lee Rozycki)
Graduate listings follow up process is still in development. The initial effort is to contact the training schools to urge them to send ACO information to the graduating students.

Program Committee (Robin Nordmeyer)
Robin asked for an ok to spend $200 to apply for the CCU’s (August 2015 – July 2016)
The goal for the program committee was identified as offering a free program, temporarily named Case Study Master Mind, (a request for a new name was made) combined with 2 interactive workshops, approximately 90 minutes in length,
(Attend, learn, do, apply, take away.) The pricing and delivery discussion will continue. Temporarily, Programs will use Robin’s Go To Webinar account, until a decision is made on a permanent delivery system.

Marketing Committee (vacant)

Volunteer Engagement Committee (Abigail Wurf)
Abigail offered the name of a potential Accountant volunteer for conference uses. Advertisement in Coaching World Magazine for ADHD Awareness month was suggested for consideration.