ACO Coaches Provide Solid Details of Life with ADHD

Due to the newly published Journal on Pediatrics report on ADHD across the lifetime (see companion article ADHD in the News – Yes, It’s Real), our ACO coaches responded to requests for media interviews on life with ADHD and on the professional perspective on coaching ADHD. The ACO coaches became a rich resource for the news industry. In fact, at least two ACO coaches were interviewed about ADHD.

Elaine Taylor-KlausThe Elaine Taylor-Kraus family was profiled for an Atlanta affiliate of CBS. Shown while cooking dinner, Elaine and her children Skyped with dad David and all four talked about life with ADHD. Talk about a modern family! Elaine co-runs Impact ADHD for parents of children with ADHD and together with David, they operate Touchstone Coaching.


Jonathan Salem

Further south in Tampa, Florida, ACO coach Jonathan Salem was interviewed for a FOX News affiliate. Jon runs an adult ADHD support group as well as his coaching.


Were you also interviewed? The ACO editor wants to know.

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