Coaches Called to Courage

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The ToDo Center of Vermont

ADHD coaches are teachers, guides, and role models for the people we serve. We support our clients as they stretch and grow. We guide them through the thicket of brain research and information and help them establish focus and direction in their daily lives. We bear witness to our clients’ struggles and to their victories, celebrating with them, championing them and motivating them to empower themselves. This takes boldness and determination for our clients. It takes great courage from their coach.

In Chicago, Illinois the ACO Conference 2011: “Call to Courage” will bring together strong minds and hearts to explore the realm of Courage as it applies to coaches and coaching and the people we support. With an inspirational keynote speaker in Gregg Krech from the ToDo Institute of Vermont and three streams of speakers of high renown in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, spirituality and best coaching methodology, we encourage you to come and join us and explore new dimensions for your coaching practice.