The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2012
ACO International Conference in
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

March 23-25, 2012 • Crown Plaza, Ravinia

There are at least ten reasons to attend the three-day conference, including:

  • Two Keynote speeches
  • Master coach presentations
  • Self-care retreat room for massage, quiet reflection
  • Refreshments/meals
  • Neuro-scientists
  • Wooded trails to walk for information processing
  • Daily choice of break-out workshops (33 in total)
  • Networking
  • Professional musical testimonial to the importance of ADHD diagnosis
  • One streaming video – Life on the Spectrum and LIVE MUSIC
  • Bookstore
  • ICF credits:  ICF coaching credits have been applied for. While we can’t guarantee their availability, the ACO has had great success with this in the past.
  • Shopping just across the street! (did you count 11?)

What’s Your Reason for Attending?

You Decide! Listen to a brief taste of each speaker’s workshop. You’ll find new presenter recordings available on the website here.

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