Pioneering Spirit Grows Country by Country

European ACO Members Map

ADHD coaching is slowly spreading to other countries outside the U.S. and Canada commensurate to a growing awareness of ADHD. Currently, the ACO has representation in Israel, Turkey, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. We also have a Taiwanese native who lives in the U.S. The ACO is aware of ADHD coaches in Europe and we want to connect with and promote ADHD Coaching there and internationally through conversation and resource sharing.

Pacific rim ACO Members Map

To better unite this global movement, the ACO would like to step up support of the pioneering efforts often characteristic of coaches everywhere but especially for ADHD Coaches. In many cases, coaches must not only convince their compatriots about coaching’s value, but also introduce an appropriate response to neurodiversity in coaching.

ADHD Coaching Services is ACO Vision

ADHD Coaches in the U.S. face restrictive challenges, yet have ready access to a growing body of research and supportive resources. We can refer individuals to available clinicians who know something about ADHD and how to professionally intervene with clients. In the U.S., media spreads the word about ADHD—note the recent and increasingly popular Canadian documentary ADD and Loving It!? publicized on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and the countless professional articles, interviews, research publications and books on ADHD publicized through conventional and social media. Though not always available, there is at least nominal support from the U.S. government with regard to protection from disability discrimination and enforceable regulations that guide educational ADHD support.

North American ACO Members map

Outside the U.S., ADHD coaches often walk rocky paths for delivering coaching services. It may be a challenge to even convince their communities of the validity of ADHD. This lack of education makes ADHD coaching difficult—yet promotes feats of activism and education. For some ADHD coaches, this is a solo endeavor in a sea of unbelief—with few colleagues on the same track.

International Coaches Create Collaborative Initiative

It’s time for the ACO, as the singular ADHD Coaches professional organization worldwide, to reach out across the globe—with heart and vision to support, share resources and relish the cultural differences that add color to our coaching ways. Beginning in June, 2011 the ACO invites you to participate in a group dedicated to the support of international ADHD coaching work. This opportunity is open to coaches in the global sphere who want to connect. The offer does not exclude representatives from the US. In fact, many American members may be interested in plugging in and influencing the global spread of our emerging field.

Leading this supportive effort will be Ana Sanchez (originally of Puerto Rico), Ose Schwab (US), Maya Echegeray (Peru), and Beatriz Duda (Peru). Together, these coaches will facilitate dialogue, resource sharing and as yet unknown, more coach support. To begin with, meetings will be held monthly by Skype or an Internet alternative (TBD) — complemented by an online forum that will facilitate further conversations about coaching beyond borders.

Isolated No More!

We are eager to gather the voices who wish to sing together to support existing but isolated ADHD coaches as well as spread information about ADHD Coaching to the far reaches of heart and lands. So, please email us at to express interest or ask questions. And watch for a notice of time and instructions for joining our first meeting to be held in June, 2011.