ACO Committee at Work for You

The ACO has a new committee to support the learning and practice of its member coaches! The newly formed ACO Research Committee has the following four-fold mission:

  • Raise awareness among coaches of the value of research findings for the ADHD coaching field
  • Assist coaches in understanding strengths and limitations of varied research studies
  • Assist coaches in considering how to apply research findings to practice
  • Consider ways to put coaching research more solidly on the map.

To support the Research Committee’s mission, its current primary goal is to provide ACO members with regular reviews of research studies that may be useful for ADHD coaches in working with their clients. In conjunction with this goal, the Research Committee aims to provide education to ACO members to enhance understanding of:

  • The research process
  • Strengths and limitations in various study designs and approaches
  • Possible applications of study findings in coaching practice, and consequently,
  • The uses of quality research in furthering the goals of ADHD coaching as a profession.

2012 a Year of Research

In the coming year (2012), the Research Committee plans to write and publish in CIRCLE and on the ACO website, 4-6 reviews of research articles pertinent to ADHD coaching. Topics of interest to guide article selection may include:

  •  Executive functioning
  •  Neuropsychology/neurology related to ADHD
  •  Positive psychology
  •  Coaching methodology
  •  ADHD & Executive Function strategies
  •  Commonly co-occurring conditions

Research Committee Member reviews will include the following:

  • Citation for research article
  • Contextual introduction to the article and its importance to coaches
  • Abstract/overview of the research article
  • Strengths and limitations of the research
  • Definitions of research term(s), if needed to aid coaches in understanding the research and/or its strengths/limitations
  • Implications of the research in the form of key take-aways for coaches
  • Questions, prompted by the research, for coaches to consider in relation to their practice
  • Additional references cited to enable ACO members to learn more about the topic or the research.

The Committee would like to remind ACO members that one ACO membership benefit is free on-line access to the Journal of Attention Disorders. Read the Committee’s first review of an article from Journal of Attention Disorders in this issue of CIRCLE!

Research Committee Members:

Charles C. Blocher, Ph.D., ACC, holds a doctoral degree with a concentration in psychology and a specialization in leadership from The Union Institute & University. His philosophy is to empower adult and career/college bound clients to enjoy a contented, successful, and highly effective life emphasizing such areas as organization, study skills, learning styles, values clarification, and finding one’s passion. Dr. Blocher’s coach training includes Coach Training Institute, ADD Coach Academy’s Advanced Coach Training, specializing in ADHD, JST Coaching, and MentorCoach. His diverse background includes the military, corporations, education, and technology. Dr. Blocher is a successful adult with both dyslexia and ADHD and enjoys watching airplanes, designing and building electronic projects, and, most of all, being a husband and parent.

Elizabeth Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC holds a doctoral degree in public health from The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She has a rich and varied background incorporating nursing, home-education, tutoring, consulting, writing, and research, as well as ADHD and life coaching. Dr. Ahmann’s coach training includes study with Fast Track Coaching Academy, JST Coaching, and Wellcoaches. In addition to ACO and ICF, her coaching affiliations consist of the EDGE Foundation, the Chesapeake ADHD Center, and the JST Coaching Network. Dr. Ahmann enjoys being both parent and coach to intelligent, creative and delightful individuals with ADHD, Executive Function, and other challenges.