The Awareness Committee is joining forces with the Resources Committee.  I recently became the chair of this committee and I want to tell you a little about what we are up to.  Soon the Resource page will have a whole new look.  We will be adding to the Coaches Toolbox.  Included will be forms of all types that coaches commonly use in their practices.  Some of the categories that will be added are:

•    Business forms
•    Client forms
•    Client exercises
•    Links to sites where coaches can find the information they need

If you have unbranded forms that you would like for us to consider using on our website we will soon be accepting those.

The Awareness page is also going to get a whole new look.  ADHD Awareness Month is right around the corner beginning October 1.  There are already some good resources on that page and you will notice a few changes before October 1, but the bulk of the work will be geared towards having a dynamite Awareness page for Awareness month in 2017.  The tools on this page are not only good for awareness month, but they are good for presentations any time of the year.

This is just a small sample of what we are planning.  I hope that you will visit the Resources and Awareness pages regularly to see what’s going on over there.


Tereasa Jones, Chairperson for Resources/Awareness