Happy, Happy Birthday, ACO!

HaroldPayneWith our 2015 Conference theme of “Lighting the Future”, we celebrated ACO’s 10th birthday in Phoenix last month. Our presenters, keynoter speakers Jodi Sleeper-Triplet and Ari Tuckman and 29 other experts, covered a diverse range of topics from ADHD education to practice development to research.

FoundersAward2015Resident troubadour Harold Payne inspired us to “Prepare for Spontaneity.” There was laughter and even tears as he helped celebrate this year’s Founders Award Honoree, Nancy Ratey. And, at our celebratory birthday party, Harold motivated an entire roomful of people to get up to sing and dance, expertly reframing for us that ADHD can also stand for “Adults Doing a Happy Dance!”

ConferenceHeadShotsMany conference attendees went home with new headshots provided by Molly Tomlinson, our resident professional photographer and a conference sponsor. This service was very popular–Molly was fully booked the entire conference–and she has agreed to return next year! Coaches were delighted with the high quality and highly affordable photos that conveyed both a sense of who they are and showed them at their best. No cookie-cutter headshots for anyone!

This year we are proud to have hosted coaches from 7 countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium. Many attendees told us that Conference 2015 exceeded their expectations and that they’ll definitely be back in 2016.

Here’s a sampling of what they said:

ConferenceIdeaBoard“Thank you! The energy of the conference was fabulous. I really liked the session length. Harold Payne helped build community. Great food. Useful sessions even for an old-timer.”

“The feeling of being welcomed / embraced, especially when I didn’t really know many people, made me feel at home.”

“I think Harold really set the tone that this was a really special conference. He brought a great deal of creativity, humor and thoughtfulness that was inspiring. He reminded us why we do what we do!!”

“The conference was designed around the needs of the participants. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the snacks and foods, the hang out area in the common spaces, the intimacy of the presentation spaces.”

“The energy and enthusiasm from so many people was-WOW ! The vibe from our tribe was infectious. Everyone was feeding off one another, each day was more intense then the last. There were so many sessions that gave me great information to carry home and into my daily life as an ADHD coach.”

“Loved being able to get new headshots taken!”

“This ACO conference was my first, and I will be sure to attend many more! That event was full of powerful professional and personal a-ha’s, insights, and breakthroughs for me. I appreciated the ability to gather in the company of other ADHD coaches, to make connections and engage in learning together.”

“This year’s conference was transformational for me and I will not miss the next one–or any of them in the future! I got to see the beautiful faces of the people I connected with in the virtual world in real time and made new bonds. Nothing can replace the deep connection you make with a person when you are sharing the same energy space! The information I received from the speakers was invaluable, they were all talented and I appreciated their time and sharing of their expertise! Oh and the FUN!!! WOW!! What do you get when you fill a room with ADHD Coaches?? Words cannot do it justice… You just have to go to the ACO Conference and experience it firsthand… There is nothing like it!! A big warm shout-out “HOWDY” to just one of the many people I met there who made a positive impression on me!! Thank you ACO..YOU ROCK!!”

At the closing session, Conference Co-Chair Sherri Cannon and Research Committee Chair Tamara Rosier, led attendees through a brilliant coaching exercise that cemented learning and brought the conference to a unifying and heartfelt conclusion. Attendees identified and shared their most memorable experiences at conference and discussed specific actions they wanted to take once they returned home.

In short, we had a great time and wish you’d all been there. Though you may not hear details for a while, be assured that 2016 Conference planning is underway! Please plan to join us on April 27 – May 1 in Reston, VA and bring a friend or colleague along with you. You’ll make both of you happy!

Thanking our Sponsors

Before we go, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Exhibitors who helped make our celebration possible (their participation also helps make your attendee registration fees so affordable). They are:

Please consider giving them your business in the coming year.

Michel Fitos &
Sherri Cannon
ACO Conference