By Michel Fitos and Sherri Cannon, Conference Co-Chairs

Celebrate ACO’s 10th Anniversary by joining us for our eighth ACO International Conference, May 1-3, 2015 in beautiful Phoenix, AZ.

This year’s theme:


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In medieval days, a codega [co-dee-gah] walked ahead with a lantern lighting the path, especially when what was ahead seemed unclear and uncertain.

Like the codega, today’s ADHD Coaches walk the path with their clients, shoring up confidence, uncovering clarity, and discovering inspiration as they invite examination of fears and unhelpful beliefs which block their clients’ progress.

As ACO celebrates its 10th anniversary, we believe the Coach as Codega is more relevant than ever before. In just ten years, we know easily 10 times more about ADHD than before. As Coaches, we are privileged to witness first-hand the remarkable contributions our clients make when they successfully harness their full creativity and resourcefulness!

Today, ADHD Coaching is uniquely positioned and ready to shine an even brighter beacon of hope out to the world.  Around the world, the ideas of ‘getting a coach’ has entered our daily conversation.

Thanks to breakthroughs in neuroscience and brain research, to TED Talks, to global conversations about ADHD, to social media, to on-line assessments, and let’s not forget the increasingly common celebrity or CEO interview (think journalist Lisa Ling, athletes Luca Forgeois and Max Fennell and Kinkos founder, Paul Orfalea) about thriving with ADHD, a vividly hopeful picture of life with ADHD is finally being told.

Because of this momentum, our theme, ACO 2015: Lighting the Future celebrates that ADHD has moved out of the shadows into the light…for good!

We invite ALL members of the ADHD Professional Support Community – coaches, educators, advocates, mental health professionals, professional organizers and medical professionals to share your passion and knowledge with us.  Just click on the link below to share your presentation ideas with us using our easy, on-line system. Together we will:

  • Showcase opportunities to explore, learn, and grow awareness and impact of ADHD Coaching within our communities.
  • Expand the reach and visibility of ADHD coaching by leveraging the diversity of our members.
  • Establish awareness of our ADHD clients as people that are already creative, resourceful, and whole.

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We hope you’ll join us for the celebration in Phoenix!


Michel Fitos &
Sherri Cannon
ACO Conference