Facebook is an important means of reaching the world.

Facebook Users Connect

We invite  all coaches to share your 2011 Awareness Week plans or ideas or even growing thoughts or questions about Awareness Week on the ADHD Awareness Facebook page. Your participation will stimulate new ideas and encourage other coaches to work collaboratively around ADHD Awareness Week. Begin to prepare for ADHD Awareness Week (October 16-22, 2011) by listening to the July 12 ESS talk – ADHD Around the World (see below).

The committee noticed that non-coaches come to the FB site with requests, suggestions and comments. The ADHD Awareness Committee will now direct these people to the ACO website so they can find coaches in their area and work with them on ADHD Awareness Week or even, perhaps ask for your services. What a great way to connect! Your ACO ADHD Awareness Committee will be passing along so much more information, so stay tuned.

Don’t miss July 12, 2011 ESS talk – ‘ADHD Around the World’

We’re kicking off ACO’s ADHD Awareness campaign. On July 12, 2011, Laura Rolands, Troy, Michigan, will represent the USA, Candace Taylor, Port Perry, Ontario will represent Canada, Charlotte Hjorth*, Farum, Denmark, will represent Denmark/Europe and Beatriz Duda**, Lima, Peru will represent Peru. Each will talk about the challenges their country faces in getting the word out about ADHD, as well as telling us what they have done to bring ADHD Awareness to their country. Watch for the announcement to appear on the ACO listserv, where you can sign up to listen to the talk.

*Charlotte Hjorth is a Professional ADHD Coach (ADD Coach Academy), a Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute), and a Master Trained NLP Coach (The NLP Coaching Institute). Charlotte was diagnosed with ADHD in her early 40’s and is the proud mother of a 21-year-old son also diagnosed with ADHD. She started her ADHD coaching business in 2007 to inspire and support teens, adolescents and adults with ADHD to identify and actively use their unique strengths and talents to succeed in achieving their desired goals and thereby achieve greater quality of life. Besides coaching, Charlotte holds lectures and workshops and supervises other professionals working with people with ADHD. In 2008 she founded ADHD Awareness Week, Denmark to raise awareness about ADHD in hopes of greater understanding and tolerance and support for individuals and families gifted and challenged with ADHD.
**Beatriz Duda presented for the first time at the 2011 ACO Conference to share the work of her Peruvian ADHD Coach partners in Lima, Peru.