ADHD Awareness Week, September 13-17, 2010

In 2005, Congress officially declared September 14 National ADHD Awareness Day. Every year ADHD associated groups and organizations have waited for Congress to make its last minute date-specific declaration…. BUT not this year! Download and print 7 Myths about ADHD and the 2010 ADHD Awareness Poster and hand them out now to teachers, friends and relatives. And remember to leave copies at local libraries, doctors’ offices and schools.

2010 marks the historic collaboration between the ADHD Coaches Association (ACO), Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), ADDitude Magazine and Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) to develop a coordinated ADHD Awareness Campaign. Sarah Wright, former president of ACO was our member representative of this collaborative group.

Together they took the initiative to declare ADHD Awareness Week independent of Congress for September 13-17, 2010. The group has even created a collaborative website They also designed a professional poster that you can use in your own ADHD Awareness week efforts. The article “7 Myths about ADHD – Busted” and the 2010 Awareness Day poster are downloadable from here.

BUT WAIT… there’s more!

During the past two months, a small committee of ACO coaches have also been busy designing an ACO ADHD Awareness 2010 Campaign. The committee has created an ACO Coaches ADHD Awareness Toolkit which will contain several documents that our member coaches can utilize to create your very own ADHD Awareness Campaign. The Toolkit documents are available for download at the ACO website Member Site. The Toolkit will include: ADHD Statistics, Sample Press Release, Sample PSA, Sample Features Editor Letter, ADHD Is REAL – Poster, and What ADHD Coaches Can Do – ADHD Awareness 2010.

The ACO ADHD Awareness Team created the 2010 theme that was also adopted by the collaborative group of ACO, ADDA, ADDitude Magazine and CHADD:

ADHD is Real

There is Hope

Where’s the Help?

In addition to development of the ACO Coaches ADHD Awareness Toolkit, the ACO ADHD Awareness Team has created the following activities to celebrate ADHD Awareness Week:

• Twitter Chat: Confirmed for September 16th, 2010 from 9 – 11 am with @TheCoffeeKlatch.

  1. If you are a Twitter ‘newbie’, you can go to this link to check out the how-to of Twitter tweetchatting. During a party the updates come quickly.
  2. This link gives a pretty quick explanation of twitter parties. Don’t forget to use @thecoffeeklatch to check in.

• Social Media: ACO Facebook, Fan page and Twitter ADHD Awareness

Help keep the chatter ALIVE! Use this link to share your activities and ADHD awareness news.

• Jeff Copper Blog Talk Radio Show

There will be three radio interviews on September 10, 17 and 24 at 2:00 pm. They are thirty minute shows.

  • ADHD Awareness Part 1: ADHD is Real! Candace Taylor and Dr. Christopher Montgomery, MD (pediatric physician)
  • ADHD Awareness Part 2: There is Hope! Joyce Kubik and Author, Catherine Corman: “Positively ADD: Real Stories to Inspire Your Dreams”
  • ADHD Awareness Part 3: Where’s the Help! Robb Garrett and Vickie Ball

ADHD Awareness International Poster

Through distribution of all this material, the level of excitement and anticipation by ACO coaches is quickly becoming VIRAL.

ADHD Awareness Week, Sept 13-17, 2010

Let’s go viral! Make it an international movement! How will you promote ADHD Awareness globally and in your community? Send your stories to including pictures and videos as well as on Facebook.

The ACO ADHD Awareness Team is comprised of the following ACO Coaches – Rudy Rodriguez, Laurie Rolands, Vickie Ball, Lisa Boester, Candace Taylor and Joyce Kubik.