By Lisa Boester, ADHD Awareness Committee Chair

When each and every community in the world knows about ADHD, can put a name to the confusing set of symptoms it presents and find resources, our job is done. Until then, the effort to promote ADHD awareness is gathering supporters at record speed.

2014 appears to have been the most active ADHD Awareness year ever.

I cannot help but think that​ the growth of the ADHD Coaching industry has been a catalyst for mobilizing so many to become involved in creating ADHD awareness. Our coaches have given birth to numerous online events and books that have grown each year during ADHD Awareness month.

Many coaches who shared their experiences for this article were presented new opportunities during the facilitation of their events this year. Although there is not enough space in this article to profile the event of each coach who participated in ADHD Awareness 2014, it is important to celebrate the hard work and effort that went into each person’s effort. No matter the size, the importance of doing “something” cannot be emphasized enough. Please take a few moments to read about what coaches in our organization did to promote ADHD Awareness in 2014. Take note of the ones that resonate as an option for you in the future.

  • Rudy Rodriguez, past ACO Awareness Committee chairperson co- authored an article with a colleague for their local newspaper. He also presented a six hour seminar for a Regional South Carolina Hospital System. Although not originally planned as an Awareness event, since it fell in the month of October, it certainly provided some insight for the 68 participants and will multiply awareness in his community.
  • Coach Linda Swanson and her husband presented the movie “ADD & Loving It” followed by an opportunity for Q&A at the local community college (Lord Fairfax Community College) in their community.
  • Kelly Wheeler gave a presentation about Thriving with ADHD (in honor of ADHD Awareness month), and made a strong connection with a community leader in a position to bring hope and education to underserved populations in her community.
  • I, Lisa Boester, collaborated with Totally ADD to show the video “ADD and Loving It” at our local library and a local non-profit to facilitate a conversation about ADHD in our community. After the video we had a Panel Discussion with local experts and a fun drawing for Totally ADD store giveaways.

There were many more events this year and it is only the beginning of the next decade. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ACO, look for exciting events as our 10th Anniversary Global ADHD Awareness 2015 events kick off at the conference .

Lisa Boester is a full time coach for adults and college students. She works with small business clients, midlife adults desiring career change, those who need help with household management, and couples desiring a better relationship when one or both partners have ADHD. Contact her at or through her website at