2011 Activities Take Awareness Up a Notch

Many thanks to everyone who made ADHD Awareness Week a celebration that was experienced around the world. This year, the ADHD Awareness Coalition (ACO, ADDA, ADDitude, CHADD and the NRC) came together to build a strong alliance that collected data from over 2000 people of all ages on life with ADHD. This data is free to use as part of your marketing strategy. Start reading the facts. This coalition quickly spread the word through the PR Wire Services, FB, TW and the Listserv. To your benefit, every coach was able to download the Fact Sheets and use the ADHD Awareness Week Poster to distribute in their local communities.

ACO Awareness Coalition Collaborated Internationally

Within the larger ACO coalition were six dedicated fellow coaches who called themselves the ACO Awareness Committee: Vickie Ball, Lisa Boester, Charlotte Hjorth (Denmark), Joyce Kubik, Rudy Rodriquez and Candace Taylor (Canada). Together they populated the ACO tool box with numerous tools and ideas for coaches to use in their communities. There were sample press releases, publication story ideas, public service announcements and a list of various ways to celebrate – big or small.

The ACO Awareness Committee also gave you a gift! If you missed it, go to the home page and click on “Are you looking for a coach?” You’ll find 2 free recordings titled “What is a coach?” and “Coaching is about getting things done” that you can download and add to your site, or use in anyway you choose. Thank you to Ari Tuckman, Linda Roggli and Coachee Claire Boehling from Ohio for agreeing to help with these two impressive MP3s.

How Did ACO Members Celebrate?

We know there were more celebrations than listed below and I encourage all coaches to use the listserv to let others know what you have done. Also, email editor@www.adhdcoaches.org with your stories  to be printed. There are many great and upcoming ADHD Coaches in our community and we would all love to know how you celebrated.

ACO International Community Contributes to ADHD Awareness

Australia: Australian consumer and professional groups have agreed to move their ADHD Awareness week to the 3rd week on October for 2012! Read Michele’s letter:

Dear Colleagues:
I’m happy to announce that Australian consumer and professional groups have agreed to move our ADHD Awareness week to the 3rd week of October. Next year we will work together with you to raise awareness. I have registered the dates with our Federal Health Department.

Michele Toner, PhD ACC

Canada: Candace Taylor, who launched the Canadian Coach website, reported that CADDRA, The Canadian Resource Alliance had a conference this past weekend and CADDAC, the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada had a whole week planned with a Sunday night kick-off by Russell Barkley, M.D.. Nice work!

Canada: Pete Quily and his friends got ADHD Awareness Week officially declared in Vancouver. This is the first ever official ADHD Awareness event in Canada!! Congratulations!

Denmark: Charlotte Hjorth did a morning radio show about coaching and awareness week. She created  a Danish ADHD Awareness website. For those who answered the Awareness survey she had gifts donated by sponsors and the Facebook  page had contests, as well as honoring eight people with the ADHD Awareness Award 2011 . . . and so much more. Way to go, Charlotte!

Stateside – There was much activity.

  • Laura Rolands did a radio interview and setup and managed the TW account for Awareness Week.
  • Maureen Nolan interviewed Dr. Joan Teach from CHADD on the radio show  America’s Web Radio, discussing the 7 Myths of ADHD: and she developed the FB page “I Am the Face of ADHD.”
  • All ADHD Awareness FB pages attracted people from around the world and coaches did their best to respond or add informational links for people to follow.
  • Many coaches showed the video “ADHD and Lovin’ It!” in their communities and schools.
  • Fact sheets were delivered and distributed to medical communities.
  • Vickie Ball had a great ADHD Awareness week. She created and facilitated a networking event hosted at Brown University that attracted numerous medical professionals (written up in Sept. 2011 Circle), and the
  • Rhode Island ADDult Support Group meeting had a special guest speaker on organizing and de-cluttering.
  • Also, the Rhode Island and Massachusetts CHADD support groups together hosted a wall climbing event, sponsored by SHIRE Pharmaceuticals. If you made it to the top, you won a free t-shirt and SHIRE donated $100 to the local support groups for each person; 95 people made it to the top!
  • And last but not least, Laurie Dupar’s new book with 80 co-contributors, 365 Ways to Succeed With ADHD, managed to be finished just in time for thousands of people to benefit from the valuable tips and strategies of the world’s best coaches and experts. ACO coaches were well represented in this book. Thank you, Laurie, for a job well done.

Until next year

Joyce Kubik
ACO Awareness Committee