We’ve added to the ADHD Awareness Day Planning help for ACO member coaches.

Now not only are there two recorded 1-hour calls on making preparations for your own successful Awareness Day presentations, but there is also a downloadable PowerPoint presentation that will help you give talks to celebrate.

Gotta be a member to get the presentation.

Oooh.. Not one? Join today!

This is Some of ‘What’s Happening’

The week of October 15 kicks off ADHD Awareness Week. The ACO Awareness Team has been hard at work for you, preparing a presentation and handouts that you can use during that week or thereabouts.

  • The PowerPoint (as referred to above) presentation is very informative and allows a little wiggle room for you, the presenter, to add your own information as you feel your audience needs.
  • Also, Totally ADD has given us permission to include two of their video clips in our presentations.

It’s never too late to pull together a presentation at your library or to your CHADD group and developing the presentation is already done for you. This is only offered to ADHD Coach members and it is approved by the ACO Board.

What are Others Doing?

There’s an easy way to find out. Through October, you can join a special listserv just for coaches who are doing something for ADHD week. You can see their questions, offer suggestions or just simply congratulate your peers on their fine efforts to spread the word. Go to Yahoo Groups and find ACO-AwarenessWeek and ask to join the group – I will provide you access.

So what can you do to help spread the word about ADHD? Donate books to a library? Speak to a parent group? A CHADD group? Join our special list serve and share your ideas.

Thank you.

Joyce Kubik on behalf of the ACO Awareness Team.