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The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition, comprised of members from ACO, ADDA and CHADD, held a video contest in October. Thanks to all those who submitted videos in the Adult, Child and Professional categories. The videos submitted by adults and children were judged by a panel of experts including Rick Green (TotallyADD) and Alan Brown (ADD Crusher). Visitors to the website were able to vote for their favorite videos as well. There have been over 60,000 views of the videos and nearly 600 votes on the ADHD Awareness Month website!

The videos also had exposure on the ADHD Awareness Month Facebook page, Twitter, and on a loop in the exhibit hall at the 2017 Annual International Conference on ADHD. In addition, the video of the children’s Judge’s Choice winner was shown during Georgina Peacock’s keynote address at the conference!

Below are the winners of the contest, including Cindy Goldrich who won the Viewers’ Choice award in the Professional Category. Two additional ACO members submitted videos in the Professional category: Keith Griffin (“Perfectionism Could Have Stopped Me”) and Jennifer Kampfe (“ADHD and Teen Driving”).

Child Category

•    Judges’ Choice award – Giuliana Margolis, “What I Want You to Know About My ADHD”
•    Viewers’ Choice award – Krista Collins, “ADHD in My Children”
•    Honorable Mention – Terry Bottari, “Attention Stance”

Adult Category

•    Judges’ Choice award – Meeky Britanico, “Meeky’s ADHD Awareness Month Video”
•    Viewers’ Choice award – Sabeeca Sajid, “A Letter to My Younger Self”
•    Honorable Mention – Geoffrey Rafe Hall and Jennifer Fotheringham, “The ADD Couple”

Professional Category

•    Viewers’ Choice – Cindy Goldrich, “Breath of Joy”

The winning videos are on the home page of ADHD Awareness Month. You can see all the videos here.

Thanks to the ADHD Awareness Month supporters: ADD Crusher, Ironshore Pharmaceuticals, Shire Pharmaceuticals and TotallyADD. Thanks also go to ADHD Awareness Month Coalition volunteers from ADDA (Doug Harris and Ally Martin), CHADD (Aletha Gardner, April Gower-Getz, and Robyn Maggio) and ACO (Roxanne Fouché, Donna Hunter and Jill Linkoff).

Hats off to all the ACO members and others in the ADHD community for their efforts put forth during October.  Although October is designated as ADHD Awareness Month, sharing reliable information about ADHD, and supporting people in getting a diagnosis and seeking appropriate treatment, is something that is needed ALL YEAR LONG!

The ADHD Awareness Coalition plans to build on this year’s successes by holding a 2018 ADHD Awareness Month Video Contest. The objectives of next year’s Video Contest, as this year’s, are to create buzz and excitement about ADHD Awareness Month and to provide a platform for people to share their personal or professional insights about ADHD. Stay tuned for more information!

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