Collaborative Poetry Writing

A B C D E F G &mdash What ADHD Means to Me

During the ADHD Awareness Week, two versions of an ADHD Awareness Poem were ‘penned.’ They are not complete and await your creativity.

Please submit your completions to the poems to be printed in the next Circle.

Poem #1

A is for Ability, developed, and displayed
B is for Better choices, at home, and work,…all day
C is for Competence: “I can do things that are good!
D is for Determination. “I think I can…I COULD!”

-Virginia Hurley

E is for exercise…my daily dose keeps mind & body in excellence
F is for flow…when I use the support and treatments made for me, life flows with ease
G is for Get started!…to avoid procrastination I use stickies that tell me to start now Please
H is for help…help is only a request away, whether I need cutting edge information or a coach’s collaboration
I is for “I am Me”…and all I can do is be the best me I can be strengths and differences included
J is for just breathe, amidst frustration or forgetfulness, 3 deep breaths can make a needed shift.
K is for kaleidoscope….my world is a kaleidscope of visions, ideas, thoughts and feelings: A strength!
L is for live, laugh, learn and Love! the best tools for any situation

– Melissa Farney

Poem #2

A is for Awareness, an attention state of mind
B is for boredom, attention of another kind
C is for curiousity, my favorite kind of attention
D is for dullness, it requires stimulation and intervention

– Maureen Nolan

E is for Extraordinary people like you
F is for Fun in whatever you do

– Kay Axtel

G is for Grateful..for friends, school and Coaches
H is for room is clean. no roaches!
I is for Mind, Body, Spirit
J is for Justice..and my actions that reflect it

– Dema

K is for keep at it and success will come my way
L is for loving life, each and every day
M is for maintaining order, hard as it may be
N is for N is for New Narrative, about what works for me and
O is for open mind, the best way to learn
P is for patience, a skill I’ve yet to earn
Q is for questions, always on my mind

– Liz Ahmann

R is for Resilience, the persevering kind

– Virginia

Now it’s your turn: These poems are not complete and await your creativity.
Please add your lines below. We’ll gather them up and share them next month.