aco ADHD Awareness 2013 web button (2)The ACO-sponsored ADHD Awareness Month is just around the corner, and your ACO ADHD Awareness Team has been hard at work providing you, our members, with some great ideas and resources to help you put on your own ADHD Awareness event.

Here’s a Recap

Your ACO ADHD Awareness Team presented ADHD Awareness Workshop #1 on July 24. This workshop explored ideas for possible ADHD Awareness activities and walked participants through a planning process. We also provided participants with an ADHD Awareness “Timeline” and “Checklist to assist your planning.

We presented ADHD Awareness Workshop #2 on August 14. This workshop previewed the 2013 ACO ADHD Awareness PowerPoint slide presentation.

Your ADHD Awareness Team has also been helping to design an updated ACO ADHD Awareness page on the ACO’s Member site. The new page should go LIVE any day and we’ll notify the membership. The NEW page members will find all recent handouts, audio recordings and the ACO ADHD Awareness PowerPoint slide presentation from Workshop #1 and #2.

In the mean time, ACO members can join the ACO’s ADHD Awareness List serve and get access to all the great stuff there.

Up Next

Your ADHD Awareness Team has scheduled two follow-up and support calls for our ACO members who are planning ADHD Awareness Month activities. This is an opportunity our member coaches to share your new ADHD Awareness ideas, ask questions, share resources and ask for accountability from your ACO coach colleagues. The first call is scheduled for Sept 11 at 1pm and 8pm. The second call will occur in early October, during ADHD Awareness Month.

Finally, the ADHD Awareness Team has been discussing a collaboration with Rick and Ava Green from ADD & Loving It?! More on that later…

Best from your ACO Global ADHD Awareness Team:
Rudy Rodriquez, Joyce Kubik, Charlotte Hjorth, Candace Taylor, Chris Hamrin, Elizabeth Paparo, Lisa Boester, Mavis Nyakunengwa,
and Mindy Katz.