By Janine Wright-Giustizia, Membership Committee

There are many benefits to being a member of the ACO but the one that brings it all together is the Circle Newsletter! 

This is the place we get to share and celebrate the successes of member coaches and see who is in the news or who has a new book published! We can learn from each other and be inspired!

This is the place we can read about the latest research or even get involved in upcoming research projects!

This is the place we find out about upcoming webinars, case collaboration calls, community practice calls and other training opportunities.

This is the place we highlight new and returning members!

This is the place we can read a message from the President, from Committee Leaders and from You!  Anyone can submit an article – review some research, discuss a topic that you are passionate about or share some exciting ADHD news from your corner of the world!

The ACO is a Community.  Circle is your connection to this Community.  Through Community, we will be more informed Coaches, raising the bar on our expertise and our profession.

Representation of four people holding hands and forming a circle