by Hal Meyer, MBA, SCAC, Guest Contributor

BookCoverFinally, a book devoted to the value of ADHD Coaching, from its birth and history to its proven benefits and lasting impact on individuals, their families and careers. ADHD Coaching Matters – The Definitive Guide is written by Sarah D. Wright, a leading ADHD Coach who has been on the forefront of developing this profession for over a decade. It is the first book to chronicle the history and basis for ADHD Coaching, including evidence-based research demonstrating how and why coaching works to help both students and adults overcome the challenges of ADD/ADHD/EFD and related issues.

This is a must-read, not only for established coaches (and those thinking of entering into the profession), but for individuals looking to gain a better understanding of coaching and its unique benefits. The book offers individuals interested in this field an introduction to the precepts and research, and a comprehensive guide to ADHD coach training and certification. The seasoned coach will learn where to get additional education to specialize in ADHD coaching, organizations worth joining, credentialing requirements, insurance options, and more.

As executive director of The ADD Resource Center, co-founder and chair of CHADD of New York City and as a long-time ADHD coach, I am impressed by Sarah’s intelligent, thorough, and very readable approach. I highly recommend this book to existing coaches, prospective ones, and to anyone interested in learning how a profession that did not exist 25 years ago has become one of the most successful methods of treating ADHD.

Hal Meyer Harold “Hal” Meyer, M.B.A., SCAC and Board Certified, founded The A.D.D. Resource Center in 1993. The solutions-focused Resource Center was designed to meet the growing need for individualized education, advocacy and specific skills training for individuals with ADD/ADHD and their families, schools and employers. Hal is both the Executive Director of the Resource Center and a ADHD/personal/business coach, working with children and adults to maximize their potential. You can contact him at