CHADD Atlanta 2010 Draws Huge Crowd

Professionals, Parents and Students Attend Conference Where ACO Members Shine

The CHADD website lists all the speakers from the three-day conference including several of the ACO members who gave presentations. The ACO and coaching were well-represented. The following acknowledges those ACO members included in the speaker’s list:

  • Jodi Sleeper-Triplett and Nancy Ratey gave a pre-conference workshop called The Positive Impact of Coaching On Family Dynamics and Jodi was also on a panel discussing the soon-to-be released Edge Foundation coaching research entitled ADHD Coaching Examined: Results from A Study;
  • Coaching as an Education Tool for Parents of Hispanic/Latino and for Cultural Diversity and Outreach was presented by our Peruvian members, Maya Echegaray and Beatriz Duda;
  • Sandy Maynard presented Curbing Impulsivity: Coaching Strategies That Work;
  • A group of ACO coaches including Fredi Hungate, Diane Ladd and Nancy Ratey presented Academic and Life Success Through Coaching;
  • Building a Framework for Confidence, Competence, and Credibility was a workshop with Kathy Peterson and Ose Schwab;
  • Dan Pruitt spoke about Coaching ADHD Plus; and
  • Terry Matlen’s workshop for women was entitled The Secret Lives Of Women With ADHD; and she spoke on Parenting With Distractions: Surviving Family Life.