I love to read about ADHD in the news when the authors are actually interested in some new twist in the reporting.

“New World Disorder: Was ADHD an evolutionary asset?”  By William Saletan (Posted Thursday, June 12, 2008, at 12:52 PM ET) in Slate.com 

The study, led by Dan Eisenberg of Northwestern University and published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, examined a Kenyan tribe called the Ariaal. Part of the tribe has recently settled into an agricultural community. Another part remains nomadic. The tribesmen were tested for DRD4 7R, a genetic variant that, Eisenberg notes, “has been linked to greater food and drug cravings, novelty-seeking, and ADHD symptoms.”

We’re probably all familiar with Thom Hartman’s notion of the hunters and the farmers as a explanation of  ADHD traits. But it’s really nice to get some scientific study to support it.