Here’s the update from  Shire about the PSA campaign co sponsored with the ACO, CHADD and ADDA

We hope that everyone is having a happy and healthy 2009 so far!  We are very excited to share with the AdultADHDisReal coalition that, through January 19, we have continued to see broad pick-up of both the television and radio PSA spots.  The radio pick-up has been particularly impressive with plays in 9 or the top 10 media markets.  Since the media launch of the Adult ADHD Is Real PSA campaign, there have been 42,366 visitors to the campaign’s microsite,  Below is a geographic dispersion of PSA airing activity.

(Click the image for a larger map)

138 Cities
17,175 irings (actual and projected)
103,647,750 impressions
(actual and projected)
120 Stations
3,069 airings
14,107,917 impressions

Thank you once again for your partnership on this initiative. We will continue to monitor pick-up activity closely and provide you with periodic updates.