We are reinstating the regular Board Report, a regular feature of Circle. Every month we fill you in on various things the board has been working on in the previous month. We invite your comments and participation. If you’ve got a question or observation, feel free to contact any member of the board. Make your voices heard!
  • The ACO Board has been hard at work looking at systems that will help to support our administrative and business activities while being cost-effective and the most efficient use of time.  With the help of our virtual assistant, we are finding many highly effective choices that involve little if any expense.
  • Conference is of huge importance to the Board and the planning for it has swung into high gear.  The next big step will be completed soon which is finishing the review of the Request for Proposals from our potential speakers and the committee making the crucial decision of which proposals will make the list for the 2013 Conference.  A difficult decision to be sure and one the Board is grateful to empower the committee to handle.
  • Also of major importance is finding and recruiting for Leadership positions and the position of Board Secretary.  A Leadership position on the board gives the volunteers a chance to participate with the Board at meetings and decide whether this is a good fit for them while giving the Board an opportunity to work and get to know the volunteer better.  The Board Secretary duties are to keep the records of the Organization and record the meetings of the Board along with other duties as needed.
  • The Glen Hogard Award Task Force has formally approved a policy as guidance in the administration of the award and will soon have added to the ACO website a history of the Glen Hogard Award along with an account of the ACO’s formation.