By Michel Fitos and Sherri Cannon, Conference Co-Chairs

In medieval days, a codega [co-dee-gah] walked ahead with a lantern, lighting the path especially when the road ahead was uncharted territory. Like the codega, today’s ADHD Coaches walk alongside clients, illuminating hidden strengths that were there all the time; shining light on limiting beliefs so that they no longer impede; and shoring up confidence. It is this partnership that reveals the intimidating, uncharted territory for what it really is: vibrant, unlimited possibilities.


We are extremely proud to announce our ACO Conference 2015 Codega Speakers. Each illuminates the future through client dedication, research and commitment to ADHD awareness and education.Please meet our talented Speakers and read about their sessions here.

Also, we are delighted to announce our newest Conference Sponsors. They are: Twila Gates of ADHD Success Network, Tara McGillicuddy of, and PAAC: Professional Association of ADHD Coaches!

Thank you for your generous support and strong commitment to lighting the future!

Is your organization committed to creating a bright future for ADHD Coaching? Then now’s the time. Become our sponsor so that we can tell the world about you and your business!

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Michel Fitos &
Sherri Cannon
ACO Conference

PS – Feeling like you need to thaw out before you can help us Light the Future? Our 2015 Conference logo emits those rays of sunshine for one very good reason: As we write this, it’s 71°F in Phoenix!