The ACO is pleased to announce the formation of its Professional Advisory Board (PAB). Our PAB members have agreed to lend their time and expertise to the Board of Directors in order to help further our mission of promoting ADHD Coaches and Coaching worldwide.

In putting together our professional advisory board dream team, we sought out well respected experts, many of them with at least one foot in other professions, so that we could better stay in touch with what is going on in the greater world as we help support the growth of our own profession.

Our Professional Advisory Board is comprised by:

John Agno – a certified executive and business coach and president of Signature, Inc., a leadership development firm in Ann Arbor. MI. John connects us to the world of business.

Linda Anderson, MCC, SCAC– ADHD coach, trainer, professional organizer, and current president of ADDA. Linda connects us to ADDA, the world’s leading adult ADHD organization.

Denslow Brown, MCC, SCAC – ADHD coach, trainer, and founding member of the organizing profession, NAPO, and NSGCD. Denslow connects us to the world of professional organizers.

Terry Matlen, MSW, SCAC – Psychotherapist, speaker, author, and consultant. Terry connects us to the worlds of social workers, consultants, and technology.

Michelle Novotni, PhD, MEd, SCAC – instrumental in the formation of ADHD Awareness Day, speaker, author, psychologist, and coach. Michelle connects us to the worlds of psychologists, politics, and fund raising.

Patricia Quinn, MD – a developmental pediatrician and world renowned expert on ADHD in girls and women. Dr. Quinn connects us to the world of doctors and medicine.

Lupita Volio, PCC, SCAC – ADHD coach and trainer, developer of an ICF-certified Spanish-language coach training program, bilingual in English and Spanish, fluent in German, and currently living in Sweden. Lupita connects us to our colleagues in Europe and South America.

We welcome our Professional Advisory Board members and thank them for their belief in our profession, dedication to our organization, and the volunteering of their time and expertise in service to our goals.