What a Wonderful Conference in Chicago

by David Giwerc
Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Academy
Hello Everyone,

It is the second day after our return from the ADDCA and ACO conferences. I am still feeling the positive energy buzzing in my head and heart. Whenever you get forty ADDCA people together in one room, for one day, it is going to happen every time. It was pure magic for me and those who attended.

For many of you who have gone through the training and for those of you who will, there is a special and important exercise we do in Personal Transformation and throughout the program called, Magical Moment on the Mountain.

It is an exercise that asks you to remember one of those special moments, in your life, where you felt on top of the world. ..A time when you were full of joy, fulfillment and imagined great possibilities; and the moment you think about it, you are inspired with a surge of positive energy that ignites your internal “enthusiasm” buttons. That is what is happening to me right now as I am thinking about the events and experience of April 29 – May 2, 2010.

Thank you all for being part of creating my newest and most powerful Magical Moment on the Mountain; and for traveling to Chicago to connect with our dedicated and passionate community.

Reprinted from the newsletter of ADDCA.